The Randomly Nothing thread


One of the long running jokes in the Borat character is him talking about his wife haha

Fucking n00b


Sorry I’ve never seen the shit film.

Fight me irl @Cristo


Rust 1v1 knives only, bitch


Wow. @Calum have a word with yourself.

Borat is the best comedy film I’ve ever seen



Zigic is tall


Lucky for Cristo Calum already let it slip that seeing anyone from OA irl would be the worst thing ever so I suspect he’d dodge the fight.




Arsenal’s losing streak has probably just encouraged me to bet more. Against them. More money to be made than trading crypto :smile:


so volatile


And it’s also not a complete gamble, sports betting is a sound investment, it’s just very difficult to master.




Was that bookmaker Ty from AFTV?


Dead :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Conversation in work today about your first mobile. Can you remember yours? Mine was this sendo hah


Nokia 3210


  1. Sprayed the cover red and white because even at 12 I was a total badass (and my dad left red and white spray knocking about)


You know what?
I don’t think that’s true anymore.

I get random lingerie ads on Skype.
And I have no gf, no money and no fetish to ever make me look for lingeries.


my first phone was this badboy




Nope, that was my 2nd. My first was 7210 with the plug in camera.