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An outstanding tribute to a great man from another great man.


They haven’t outright got rid of them here (1 and 2 cent coins) but there was government led policy to reduce their use, mainly because of the cost of producing them and the fact that a huge volume of them actually end up out of circulation entirely for various reasons. What they did was encourage shops to round up/down the final tally. So individual items aren’t rounded. I would have to say its worked pretty well and although some shops still use them they’d be pretty few and far between.



The way it works here is that what you pay is rounded up or down to the nearest 5c. So, for example, if the charge is $22.98 you’ll pay $23.00. If the charge is $22.97 you’ll pay $22.95.

1 and 2c coins were rounded up long ago. We don’t have $1 and $2 bills any more, they’re coins instead. Our lowest bill is $5.






What the heck :joy:


Glad the snake was hit by the train before I walked through yesterday



Took me back to my childhood




Some of us came to this conclusion years ago :sunglasses:


I genuinely think Rachel-Ross, which is slightly awkward on several levels :speak_no_evil:


Some of the names in here ffs!




I think it’s safe to say Harry Potter has had a negative effect on society.


A Portuguese person asked me this today




I’ll always be a sucker for cats.