The Randomly Nothing thread


It’s been so tempting, he’d kick off like a spoilt little bitch though. He’s definitely a serial killer, nobody is that anal about something so mundane without being psychotic.




Nice one Diego!


Knighthood needed IMO


I wish Human species were extinct and Aliens caged me up with 6 females to breed with.

Could very well be midnight horniness speaking.


6? You lack ambition.


I can only stand 6 women laughing at me at a time.


7th one would tip you over the edge huh? I think 1 women laughing at me would sting a little if I am honest, lucky I don’t know how many actually do behind closed doors or I might have an aneurysm


All I know I make them scared to have another go :muscle:t5::smiling_imp:


That probably sounded better in your head.


Yeah it did :joy:


I met some of Diego’s many offspring last year in the Galápagos :sunglasses: He may have fathered up to 40% of the existing Hood island subspecies of tortoise but such genetic bottlenecking isn’t ideal, I mean look what’s happening in Stoke :grimacing:


Pitch invader at the final of Crufts. About 6 people dived on him :joy:


Journalism :joy: Daily Fail is something else man imagine working for them would be something you keep to themselves


$115 per hour at work today, got to love public holiday rates :fire:




YESSSSSSSSSS hate them coins


Not gonna be a good move for very poor people, the homeless or charities.

Will also result in the price of items just being rounded up, again, very bad for the poorest.

But Calum hates then so fuck it let’s get rid :yum:


Tbh it would be better that way no need for something to be £2.82 for example either make it £2.80 or £2.85 much more simpler IMO


:grimacing: No idea what he wrote but that’s very bad taste.