The Randomly Nothing thread




The new intermodal hub in Trieste Airport was inaugurated on monday. This hub will provide connection between the air terminal, bus station, a multi-storey car park and a new railway station on the Trieste-Venice track. For example, you will easily go from London or Dublin to one of our tourist destinations :slight_smile:


I’m such a sucker for anything involving pets




Omg :joy: :joy: :joy:

I just checked plz.
There are people like that.

I am dying



If your legs are anything like your arms, I now get it why you’re not a fan of the slim fit. :henry:


That’s not me dude.


Oh fuck, I wanted to buy that mirror.


This is why pornhub is my go to porn site, they’re so respectful. What a great company :sunglasses:


pretty cool this. Find out what was on BBC1 and BBC2 on the day you were born :slight_smile:


LOL! There was no BBC1, let alone BBC2, on the day I was born.


One for @SRCJJ


I’ve been sent this by about 6 people on Whatsapp this morning haha. Lovely pic


This is amazing. :joy:


My thighs are going to hurt tomorrow. I have done the slut drop far too much tonight. But you know, might as well bend that low while I still can.

Also tomorrow, I am going to regret writing this.


whats a slut drop?

Nevermind googled it.


Idk if there’s an unpopular opinion thread but I’ll say it here. Justin Bieber is underrated. Constantly produces bangers. You’re living in the past if you hate him :grinning:


OK, I thought I’d regret what I wrote, but this is far worse :laughing:


He has come with some good songs in last few years, but I don’t know how much should be attributed to him rather than the writers and producers.

Lad can sing though.