The Randomly Nothing thread


Feels like a video that will be retweeted all over the timeline in a few months, hope not.



Love the fucking grin on his face.


Stormzy legend


Looooool :rofl:




Yeah not many ppl can do what Art Garfunkel does with his voice. Love simon and garfunkel.


Flying to Barcelona tonight.

@AbouCuellar I am supposed to arrange some sort of mini bachelor’s party for a friend on his birthday who is going to get married this year.
Any suggestions on things to do there in Barca?


Hah. Lots. Depends on how long you’re gonna be there and what you’re looking to do. Too late to hit you with a JakeyBoy style guidebook but I’ll see if I can do it tomorrow.

@Trion but yeah for real lemme know the things you’re trying to do/preferences so I have an idea.


por favor and gracias


We actually won’t have much time as most of the time we will be busy with this business event ‘MWC’ and we didn’t get the chance to plan anything as well.

So that leaves us with time in hand during the night time.
Might go to a strip club or something post event on one of the days.
We are there for 6 days


It’s all about where you move, my friend. Barcelona is a fantastic city if you can avoid the most touristic areas as much as possible. Outside of those areas they’re only allowed in their tiny little 24 hr shops and to sell drugs on the street :fist_right:t3::fist_left:t3:



Lads. This is proper fun. I would absolutely love to be part of such a gang.


God that’s fucking brilliant


Sorry, I don’t know where to post this… and the “banned members” thread is locked.

Drayton is banned for permanent??? Wow~~~~ I don’t know what exactly he posted but he really had some nice postings and comments… I always felt like he was Brady… anyway… another gone… but Wenger is still here :frowning:
Cuellar is also banned (1 week)…

What happened to us actually??
We got some short circuit because of Arsenal’s performance for the past few years??


Luca when he sees why Cuellar was banned…


The Drayton thing was really quite unfortunate, and an accident to boot, but just one of those things.

No idea what AbouCuellar said to get banned. Brady didn’t get banned he just left.


Brady was banned… I believe he was on a short term ban, but he opened another account (which was not permitted) but got found out using the same IP… so he got the permanent ban.

I really enjoyed Drayton’s and Brady’s postings… so unfortunate.


Luca will not survive, rip.


Hehe, just abou being a pompous ass as usual, proud to say I liked his post cause RACISM!!!