The Randomly Nothing thread


Aren’t u immune to the smell of ur own farts? Strange.


Hangover farts are the worst though. Nothing can prepare you for that stench.




I can relate.
When life is miserable, simply watch dog videos.

Man I crave for days when I can have life sorted enough to adopt a border collie.


:joy::joy::joy: KFC had to shut hundreds of UK stores as they ran out of chicken


People still eat KFC?


Well, they don’t now


I fucking lost it at the south London cereal.


KFC and McDonalds are the worst, incredibly greasy/fatty food


Love KFC


Or KFN as it is now known. Kentucky Fried Nothing


When I want a good cheat meal I get a bucket of chicken and I devour it. The gains I’ve made off of KFC cannot be underestimated.


Surely KFC is butter than chicken cottage or whatever it’s called.


“I’ve had to go to Burger King” :laughing:


I was watching this on the TV last night and shouted who gives a fuck?! ahhahaha :joy:


Hear hear brother.

Just convince myself that its good protein :joy:


What you mean you have to convince yourself.


So my brother is in LA and he was walking yesterday. Ended up stepping on someone’s shoes and heard a deep French accent utter the words “Big man, you’re stepping on my shoe” my brother turned around and apologies and it’s none other than the King Thierry Henry :pray:t3::pray:t3: Got a good pic with him and everything.


Harry Kane just handed out an award at The Brits alongside Camila Cabelo and when introducing him Jack Whitehall said this will be the only trophy he’ll get his hands on this season

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: YES Jack legend