The Randomly Nothing thread


We’d have to find a way of integrating a betting system into Discourse for it to happen. Not sure anything like that is available. Would be cool though!


4th. Home. :frowning_face:


1 fucking point… :joy::joy: I remember that.

Was the 2013/14 season




Yeah cool mate :joy::joy::joy:


As if we’ll have invented time travel by 2030 haha


They fucking told me they’d wait to publish it. :rage:

“Fired during a mission in 2017”

Lemme guess, he was sent back in time to kill ‘Hitler 2.0, DJT’? :stuck_out_tongue:


He described himself as a professional time traveller.
Does that mean he is getting paid to do it? :grinning:


Up until he got fired, yea.


:arteta: :poldi:


^^^^ lmao it’s going down.


That guys timeline is gold :joy::joy:


Just looking now




Spent the last hour on his feed.

Man south london is a strange strange place


Its class.



Hungover as fuck after last night and figured that having a shower might make me feel a bit better. Got some lovely Body Shop shower gel, so I was using that and feeling good under the heat of the water.

Soaping up my balls and crack when I let out an absolute ripper. The whole shower cubicle filled up with the smell of farty satsuma and I almost threw up everywhere.


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta: