The Randomly Nothing thread


People who floss are a bit suspicious… :thinking:


?? :eyes:


I have my breakfast at 7:30 after my shower hah much prefer eating it in the house and leaving with a clean mouth than having food breath in work.

I have chewing gum as soon as I’ve finished lunch aswell hah


Just don’t trust people with that level of hygenic control.


After breakfast, of course.


I am italian, not a fucking weirdo from a wee country.


After breakfast, you fucking weirdo cretins


After breakfast. Floss + Brush + Mouthwash 3-4 days a week.

Have to eat breakfast before leaving the house!


Oh, i heard that italians in general don’t brush their teeth :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t worry i am just joking i am a really out of order roast beef and mustard boy!


I have Breakfast at 6am just before leaving to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I eat at 6am, then 8am haha… so I’m in the I eat very early camp lol


Whenever the fuck I want. Mind your own business


I can’t fucking survive without breakfast straight out of bed.

Also the point of brushing is cleaning the teeth from food to avoid cavities etc. It is not designed for fresh breath, that is just a marketing trick. Eating sorts out your breath anyway, unless you breakfast on onions and garlic.


ffs :joy::joy:


Yeah but you’re trying to look like Scott Steiner, you probably need about 14 meals a day :smile:



It’s why us short people are superior, Messi got out the quickest unlike the lankier Suarez :grinning:


Just found this on my old webserver. From vBookie back on the old OA :smiley: Those were the proper betting days.


I’m crushing it :sunglasses:

Do you think there’d be enough interest to bring this back?


verticalfailure :open_mouth::clap: