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“It was the '70s! Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you’d f*** a radiator and send it flowers in the morning.”



This is really cool


I don’t even have a whole bike


That video is 10/10


Absolutely love that


Absolute belter on the Tube for me about 5-6 years ago :ok_hand:t3: The dev’s done all sorts of improvements with it since then

Football Strike is a laugh too except you need internet for it


Finally got round to watching the Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman interview. What a shit show.


He proper schooled her. Even made her lost for words at one point.


I’ve been meaning to watch this for a while.

Fantastic debate, he absolutely smashes it and I really feel that Newman was totally struggling to keep up and doing a poor job by being so disingenuous and simplistic to the points he was making. God she was so bad at putting words in his mouth, just trying to bait him for a really negative soundbite that feminists could then use to discredit him but he didn’t fall for it a single time.

This guy is super clever.


He’s nothing special at all, she just absolutely fucked herself over. Not for the first time either, she’s just no good at trying to skewer people who are pretty intelligent


This isnt actually true though. Whether you agree with him or not they way he formulates arguments, the way hes thought them through and the way he has managed to garner so many viewers does probably make him quite a special human being. We’re talking a very very small percentage of the population who could carry themselves in a debate with him and/or have the same charisma to attract such a large following.


Whether he is special or not is entirely subjective, so you can’t tell me if it’s true or not.

People fawn over him like something crazy. Sure he’s evidently very intelligent and good in debate, I just don’t think that makes him as special as others do. Him wiping the floor with Newman doesn’t mean much to me, she’s awful when she tries to take someone down.

Don’t make me laugh talking about views like that’s meant to mean something either, as if views or clicks are somehow a measure of someone or something worth, or its intellectual merit.

Edit: Perhaps I’d change the word “nothing” to “not particularly” as to sound less like I’m dismissing him entirely. I think hes in the right place at the right time and has captured the zeitgeist on the right of the political spectrum. I dont deny hes clearly a very intelligent man and can debate well.

But yeah, I don’t want to end up in a big debate about him with you as it’s not worth the time. Exchanging views about some of the issues he talks about would be more worthwhile and interesting.


I admire him for his stance against that multiple gender rule bullshit.

Otherwise he is alright. Nothing immensely special per se


I really like the man, having watched a lot of his lectures on Psychology.


My only gripe is I feel like too many people take the extreme stance in these kinds of debates. People are either so ridiculously pro that it harms the gender equality debate or so fiercely against it they’re unable to see the incredibly obvious barriers women face in certain facets of life.

There’s not enough of an intelligent middle ground.


The extremes are indeed the problem, both on the right, and the left.


This is an issue but I actually think the bigger issue is people painting other people as being either one extreme or the other when in actual fact the vast majority of people probably will have pretty similar views and there is actually far more common ground then you think. Impossible to have an actual debate about something if the default is to undermine someones position by painting them as an extremist which is absolutely true for both sides. You then end up getting funnelled into defending something which wasnt even your point in the first place. Happens all the time in politics as well which is why I’ve completely zoned out from that.

Do people believe in equal pay? Most people will agree. Are there valid reasons as to why equal pay isnt a thing. Yes. Is there still sexism in the workplace. yes.


  • Before Breakfast
  • After Breakfast

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People who do it before are weirdos. Surely the whole point of brushing your teeth is to have a clean mouth with nice breath for when you leave the house!


Brush before, mouthwash after.

You get to be a normal person who brushes their teeth before, but also have all the benefits of the weirdos who try to justify their after breakfast weirdness.


I have breakfast in the office so bit of a nonstarter for me this question. Who wants breakfast at like 7 o’clock?


This but I also floss before the mouthwash.

And you should be waiting at least 30 minutes before brushing after you eat anyway.