The Randomly Nothing thread


The Giroud page at the end is my favourite bit :grin:





Is just my eyes being weird or is the writing now bigger for everything on OA? @Bl1nk


Yeah, looks like thread titles are slightly enlarged. Probably the update I did this morning.


Gosh the level of stupidity. Hopefully it is some high level sattire.



Went to the market earlier and this romanesco cauliflower is easily the most aesthetically pleasing vegetable I’ve ever seen


I feel aggrieved


New Star Soccer is so much fun.

But I always get bored about 6 seasons in when I’m getting like 100 goals and 75 assists a season each time. I find you become GOAT way too quickly


Ha I’ve played that a few times when I’m bored, but it’s way too easy past your first season


Didn’t know the world’s internet connection was connected through undersea cables!


It’s true. But I doubt pliers could cut through the cables that they have lol.


I wish I never read this post. Been hooked two days straight.

Kid you not, I moved from Welling in conference to Benevento in Serie B, and I got this in my 2nd week there:



Out of interest, how else did you think it got from America to Europe? :grin:


Magic :wink:

Honestly never thought of it hah

Oh fuck off. It was a laugh.


Could be Gary Lineker and MotD, don’t trust them.

edit: Thought you were Arsenal at first, now I see it’s in Serie A, they probably don’t know who Benevento are. nvm.


For the record, I always play with the old school look. I guess cos I’m used to that.

I can’t get on board with the updated graphics


Literally never heard of the game till you mentioned it. Never really been a fan of mobile games, but NSS has me hooked.

Update: Just got sold by Benevento to Cesena. Have a feeling Im going to be a proper journeyman.


With a bit more practice you’ll destroy all opposition that comes your way trust me