The Randomly Nothing thread


So I was not alone.


This is my first trip outside India.
I am like a nervous kid man.

Thanks fuck I am accompanied.

Zurich was beautiful and effing cold.

Architecture in Spain :heart_eyes:


Well am definitely nervous and disoriented.

I just had a shower and cleaned myself with floor mat


Did you venture north… across a certain border? :mkhi::henry2:


Zurich was just a lay over but we went out a bit.




Eastern border is a lot more beautiful.


Weird no voting bastards no doubt :gabriel: :sanchez2: :theo: :facepalm:


He’s found a way to top the half and half scarf


English flag on the right… there’s a Brexit joke in there somewheres.


Just noticed the Irn Bru. :arteta:


If it leads to shit like that shall we just call this whole union thing off?


At the risk of violating the recent rules, I would like to mention that the first black guy I get to talk to in my life, he was a strip club promoter and he had to stereotypically say ‘I am always standing besides KFC by the corner’.


Did you get offended by that?
if so, why?


Had you asked him where he usually stands?


@ronniec there is this meme or stereotype associated with American black guys on internet about them really loving KFC. It’s exaggerated ofcourse but when he said it I had to really suppress the laughter.

Nope. He proactively said it.
We said we will think about it and that’s when he said it.


I know you’re from the other side of the world but the concept of the first black guy i got to talk to is so fucking strange to me :grin:


There’s so many first in this trip.
Just had first white woman cut my hair on my first massaging chair.
Good start to the day


Lol I was trippin out on that as well.


First black guy with awesome braid on metro.
He looks gorgeous. I wanna touch them braids.


Probably don’t do that :joy: