The Race for 4th Place Trophy


We were 2 points behind on an upswing with everyone expecting Leicester to fall apart and us playing ManUtd’s youth team next. We still managed to lose to ManUtd and a crap Swansea team at home to put an end to our chances.

That season was insanely promising around Christmas but we bottled it hard from mid January to the beginning of March. In the end it was hardly a season I’d remember as us challenging to the end.


Depressing times for us Gooners as that was the season around 80 points was good enough to be Champions, now it’s reverted back to around the 90 point mark which will be the norm, also impossible for us to achieve.


Lets not forget the boxing day surrender after beating city either. I was never convinced because we beat Leciester that the title was a given the way some did.


Once we lost at Boxing Day I knew it was going to get worse. The proceeding matches was nothing short of frustrating particularly the manu match.


07/08, 10/11, 13/14 and 15/16 were title challenges as we were in the title and even leading it for considerable periods of the season.


Yet 10/11 & 15/16 we finished with 68 points & 71 points respectively, how utterly depressing is that ?


In 15/16 we were at the top for the longest only to lose it to Chelsea from jan. I was so pissed


Chelsea? In 15/16 they were 16th just before Christmas!!


When chealsea won it with mourinho we on top for 90 days mate we weren’t 16th, we started off there from my memory, or was that 14/15?


Chelsea were 16th not us

We were never in a title race in 14/15

The season where we were top for 100+ days and didn’t win it was 2013/14


I think that was 13/14. They still show the stat that we’re the only side in the past 10 years or so to be at the top of the table ast Christmas and not win the league.


Correct on top for a decent while then went to Anfield in early Feb and found ourselves down 4-0 after 20 minutes in true Arsenal style.


If I remember, we lost to Liverpool and Chelsea pretty badly


5-1 & 6-0 respectively.


That was something


Don’t feel like Arsenal really bottled it in the 13-14 season. Yes, they were on top until early-february or so, but they still needed to play Liverpool, United, Stoke (away), Spurs, Chelsea, City at that point. Arsenal regressed to their mean at the end really.


We drew with stoke, drew with spurs, lost to liverpool, Chelsea and united oh and Swansea; I think that’s the period we did not win a game a got three points from jan to March.


We got thrashed by City in Dec and got beat 3-0 by Everton away later in the season. We really did collapse against every top team that season bar Spurs and Liverpool. We couldn’t beat Moyes United either.


We lost to Stoke, beat Spurs away and drew with United and Swansea, both at home.

You couldn’t have your facts any more wrong. :slight_smile:


Man United +27, Chelsea +25, Liverpool +24, Spurs +19, whilst we are only +12… shows they are winning games a lot more easily than we are which says a bit about the respective sides. A 6th place finish is looking a near certainty for us.