The Race for 4th Place Trophy

Didn’t see a topic dedicated to Arsene’s favourite trophy, so here it is.

This season is arguably the most exciting in terms of if we make it to 4th and thus CL or not.
With a game in hand, we can narrow the gap down to Liverpool, yet still trail them for a point.

Liverpool play West Ham and Middlesbrough.
If we are lucky the London lads of West Ham will do us a favour by beating them cunts. Middlesbrough, however, I see capitulating against the scousers.

We still have to face the almighty Stoke City, Sunderland and Koeman’s Everton.

Out of our fixtures I can see trouble against Stoke and Everton. Let’s hope the lads are up for it and want CL.

What do you guys think about our chances?

  • We will win the Wenger Trophy
  • We will not win the Wenger Trophy

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Rather rotate and rest players for wembley. Not interested.

Honestly don’t care. While I always want to see us win our matches, and it makes logical sense as a fan to want your team to finish higher up the table, I am really not fussed between 4th-6th position. Of course it would help us with transfers and whatnot if we make Champions League but purely from an entertainment perspective I would be down to finish 5th and get some Europa League action next year, I’ve become so indifferent to the Champions League at this point.

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Really don’t give a fuck where we finish. Sick of the CL tbh. Wouldn’t mind a run in the Europa.


We would probably have a lot more chance of getting further in the EL but I’m not sure whether Ozil and Sanchez would stick around, if that was our level of ambition.

There are still four teams fighting for a top four place.
There’s us, Man City, Liverpool and Man U.

Man City have West Brom and Leicester at home, and Watford away
Liverpool have West Ham away and Middlesborough at home
Man U have Southampton and spurs away and Crystal Palace at home
We have Stoke away and Sunderland and Everton at home.

Man City have the easiest run in and Man U are setting their sights on the EL. so unless Liverpool drop points against West Ham and we win all our remaining fixtures, which seems unlikely, the top four will be to what it already is.

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Even if we win our three remaining games I don’t think either Liverpool or Man City will fail to reach or exceed 75 points.

I wouldn’t call it exciting tbh. Could all be put to bed if we don’t win at the weekend.

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I think the 10 goal mauling by Bayern might be a factor why they would be wanting away. So I dont see a top 4 changing their minds.

Poll added!

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You’re probably right.
That was just embarrassing, and showed the gulf between us and the big teams in Europe.
So that, along with the thought of EL football, is enough for any top player to be tempted elsewhere.


Id look at this totally different if we announced a new manager was coming in but another embarrassing campaign in this is not what I want.

Fuck the europa league shits weak. If Wenger gets us fourth and wins the FA Cup I think he’s rightfully earned a 3 year contract renewal.

Lolpool have been bad lately. Away to West Ham is a match they just might drop points in, actually I think there’s a big chancw they’ll drop points in that. It’s much more likely that we will not win all the rest of our matches.

Too little too late. We fucked up by losing 5 of our last 6 away games. I naturally want to believe there’s a chance of top 4, but can’t see City and Liverpool fucking up this close to the end.

Also don’t think I’ll be able to stomach the pathetic scenes if we achieve top 4 on the last day like we’ve won something. It’s been a shocking season and the best Wenger deserves is Europa if you want to brutally honest.

Would much rather win the FA Cup.


That’s a good point. I also cannot see us win all 3 matches, given how poor we have been all season.
Unless the lads play out of their skin, I am afraid the deficit is too much to overcome.

They’re not mutually exclusive. Why can’t we have both?! I want EVERYTHING goddammit!

Aside from Chelsea and Spurs, no one really deserves top 4, but i’ll take it all the same.

I can give you 10 reasons why I dont.



Don’t rule City out. I think Leicester can get something out from their game against them.

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I think it’ll be decided this weekend. I’d back us to beat Sunderland and Everton (tricky but v doable) at home.

If West Ham can get anything against Liverpool and we beat Stoke, I think we scum it.


I think we will just fall short, chances of us beating Stoke coupled with Liverpool failing to West Ham aren’t that high.