The Race for 4th Place Trophy



This weekend has a massive bearing on whether or not we get 4th

I still dont think we will get there. We will probably drop points against Stoke and i can see us dropping points against Everton as well


Do you seriously think that before the start of this season, scraping fourth place by the finest of margins, and beating two non league teams to then beat Man City, is worthy of that?

What ever you dress it up, this season has been one of his worst since he came here.

So if we don’t win the FA Cup, you think he should go?



This is A4T you are talking to lol… he may be the very last person still wanting AW to stay and get a new contract…



Our only realistic route to top 4 for me is WHU take points off of Pool and we run the table. The first we’ll know this weekend, the second we will have to wait. If Pool get 3 points against the Hammers, I think we can kiss it goodbye.


^^ You just know he isn’t joking either right :joy:


I am, but then again I’m not because I fucking love Arsene Wenger. He took my footballing virginity if you will. He tore that ass up, and now he’s going to forever be my first love. You know how that goes :relieved:


Apart from Tottenham, we haven’t conceded many chances, tbh.


The thing is teams will struggle to score against 5 at the back. The chances they’ve got have generally being better covered.


If 4th is in sight and 3 wins would bag it, I think we’ll get them.

It’s entirely based on Liverpool dropping points at West Ham but if they do, I’m sure we’ll do what we need to do.


Lolpool are very susceptible to dropping points at Anfield. I think Middlesbrough have a chance to at least eek out a draw away as well.


I don’t think Liverpool are capable of slipping up at home to a team already relegated at home, especially on match day 38 if Champions League Football is on the line.


Already relegated teams have been known to put in performances in their last premier league match, and lolpool have been known to bottle sfuff like this.


Arsenal 0-1 Sunderland it is then :wink:


Hah but when the rest of the league have nothing to play for that’s when u see Arsenal at our best. Cmon girl you have been watching Arsenal a lot longer than me, you know how we do :grin:


I hate you :mustafi:. Doom monger king :mustafi:


I guess you haven’t been paying attention lately.


[quote=“PPB, post:37, topic:1454”]
I guess you haven’t been paying attention lately.
[/quote]Maybe he’s not convinced :upside_down: Sort him out @Robin_L


And of course we dont bottle mathces at all!

Last game of the season i know who i would rather be facing between Everton and Middlesbrough


same here. Once you go Wenger, you never go… um…