The Race for 4th Place Trophy


Once you go Wenger you never want any other balls in ur mouth unless they are saggy old man balls. :flushed:


TMI. What you do in your spare time should be kept a secret…


Are we really sure top 4 guarantees CL even if Man utd win the EL?


How many times do you need to ask this question? Lol. Bloody yes! We are allowed 5 places!


Haha someone just told me it wasn’t and I didn’t know where to look on the UEFA site.

Sorry Pheebs.


I’ll forgive you. But only because you’re the best mod…


In May 2013,[49] it was decided that, starting from the 2015-16 season (and continuing at least for the three-year cycle until the 2017-18 season), the winners of the previous season’s UEFA Europa League would qualify for the UEFA Champions League, entering at least the play-off round, and entering the group stage if the berth reserved for the Champions League title holders was not used. The previous limit of a maximum of four teams per association was increased from four to five, meaning that a fourth-placed team from one of the the top three ranked associations would only have to be moved to the Europa League if both the Champions League and Europa League winners came from that association and both finished outside the top four of their domestic league.[50]




You really put the nut in nutjob.


Can’t believe how hard it is for people to understand your allowed a maximum of 5 teams in the CL from one particular organisation lol






I don’t care for the Champions League.


It’s very important we make the CL to sign top players this summer.


Let’s hope Ozil and Sanchez don’t either.


I don’t really care for it either but I begrudgingly accept its importance and I like the away trips to the big cities


I think after being pummelled by Bayern and the standard exit of Arsenal in the knockout, a lot of fans don’t give a damn about being in the CL anymore.

I rather play a EL final like Ajax and United will then play CL just for revenue.


We are not going to sign top players. Champions League or not. People need to get that out of their head.


We’re getting CL football next year lads


Ahem :hipster: