The Race for 4th Place Trophy


Honorary lads? :eyes:




Pretty much comes down to this West Ham vs Liverpool game


I might have to watch it.

Oh God please do it West ham.


How have West Ham been at home lately?


They beat Spurs there last week. But they’re quite inconsistent.

I have everything crossed!


West 'aaaaam have 2 wins and 3 draws from their last 5 games so the form isn’t bad.

But my scouse friend tells me they’re missing Antonio so for me that’s a big miss. No Carroll either


Carroll is always missing and they haven’t had Antonio for a few games now. It’s a big miss for sure but they’ve stil managed to do OK without him - against Spurs for example.

Liverpool are a weird kind of football team too, so I’m banking on that weirdness coming through today :grin:


Meh, West Ham will probably disappoint.


Shame Carroll is out as he would’ve offered an aerial threat and I weirdly find him attractive. :neutral_face:


C’mon Bilic, you metal brother! Rock Liverpool :giroud2:


Liverpool are going to spank West Ham me thinks


He is a bad boy :wink:


@PPB @Midfield_Maestro

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking as well. Can’t see us lucking out that much.


He is, it’s a shame I won’t see my man score to give us CL football today.


Yeah this won’t be West Ham’s game. It’ll be Liverpool rising to the occasion or it’ll be Liverpool bottling it. West ham are good enough to capitalise on the latter though so fingers crossed. Only needs a half bottling to have a draw which will do for us.




So yeah shitty Europa it is.


Advanced apologies for my positivity, anything can happen in the Middlesbrough game. No need for negativity until it happens. Its a very very very slim chance, but still a mathematical possibility…listen to me! What have I turned into!? I think I’m becoming Wenger! :facepalm::gabriel:


We still have a chance via Man City losing it. Chambers will help us too. It’s far from over yet.