The Race for 4th Place Trophy


To challenge every year is not realistic. To not challenge even once in ten years is total failure.


We did challenge in the LC season. Prime position to win the league with 2 months or so to play and we bottled it. Also in 08 we were in a good position and lost. So couple times in 10 years we’ve challenged.


We led the league in mid January and from there it went all to pieces. It’s more like 4 months and not so much challenging anymore for the remainder of the season.

In 2013/14 we didn’t look too bad but got absolutely destroyed from mid February onwards.


We really didn’t.


Your not in a title race until April and considering we haven’t been 1st or 2nd in April or May when their was a title race since 2004. Means we haven’t been in one in 13 years.

I’m not counting fluking 2nd on the last day as being in a title race in 15/16. That was between Leicester and Tottenham until Tottenham amazingly bottled it and we somehow ended up 2nd.


I don’t think anybody has that faith. Some of us just acknowledge the possibility that Klopp can fuck up just as badly and that Spurs are normally a bottler club so we could easily finish 4th by doing as well as we did last season.

I think all 3 clubs are fragile. Only takes an injury or two and a couple of bad results and who knows where that leaves the confidence?


Yeah but it looked like we were gonna win it when we beat Leicester in February, then like a month later we bottled it. So yeah March to May so the majority of the season we were in the hunt.


The next game you mean.


Yes the game where LVG was giving debuts to youth players like no tomorrow and still comfortably beat us. :joy:


With 2 months or so to play which is Mid to late March we were about 8-10 points off the pace, just thought I’d clear that up.


So for the majority of the season we were there, that’s challenging to me.


The fact we haven’t got 80+ points since 2008 is massively underachieving to me.


A challenge is from august to may, not just for 3/4 months.


This is pretty much what we do.

The ambitious clubs do “utilize every reasonable resource at our disposal to maximize their position.”
Even mid table and newly promoted clubs do that.

With our resources we don’t even do the bare minimum, which is to not leave glaring holes in the first team every season.
To have 200m in the bank and watch that pile of money get bigger after several dismal seasons, just proves where the ambitions of our manager and board are.

The bare minimum for a club of our stature should be buying at least a player like Ozil and Sanchez every transfer window.
Some supporters think we should be grateful for having them, and if we want more, it means we are acting like spoilt children.

They’re both leaving soon anyway, so I don’t think any supporter can be accused of being spoilt when that happens.


If you only challenge for 3/4 months you are nothing more than a Spurs.


Only because we have a penchant for bottling stuff at the end of the season. I would bet that in previous seasons at or around christmas we’d be on a pace to make more than 80 points, then we blow it at the end of the season.


Just curious to anyone that knows the answer, but how many times has the title been decided by 5 points or less in the last 10 years. Haven’t looked it up but the trend seems to be one team just running away with the title with everyone else a cut far below.


no idea but off the top of my head the last time I know it was close was when Aguero sealed it in the last few minutes for City five years ago. Since then I don’t think it’s been very close has it?


Your right about being on pace for 80 points around Christmas thing, but I think we generally blow it from Jan to March rather than the end of the season…


13/14 the last time it was close, then 11/12 was close, before that it was close in 09/10,08/09 & 07/08.