The Race for 4th Place Trophy


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So what are chances of winning this trophy now? Frankly, I think we aren’t going to make it for a second season running. I don’t think there is a top 6 in the league, not this year at least. There is a top 1 (City), the next 4, and then the likes of us and Burnley. With Alexis and perhaps Ozil on their way out, I think we will do well to hold on to 6th this season, and honestly, I am not very confident of that either.


People keep trying to group us in with Burnley but I just don’t get it. We are on a terrible run yet still remain five points clear of Burnley, not to mention they have a -1 GD. I know everyone is unhappy about the state of the club but there is no need to over-exaggerate. We aren’t at that level, even at our absolute worst we’re just behind the scum.


I’d make Manchester United slight favourites to claim the trophy this year, a trophy that by right should be ours every year but now we’re slipping away from it.

We could just invent a 6th Place Trophy and give ourselves more of a chance? Although I suppose there isn’t a prize for a 6PT


I don’t think Burnley are going to finish above us but spurs will.
I think a few supporters are worried that if we finish behind spurs after yet another season, when we have Sanchez and Ozil, then we could go behind them even further, without them.


Yeah going by GD we have a top 1 then next 4 and us a clear 6th Miles off the teams ahead of us but substantially better than 7th.


6 points off Liverpool with 12 matches to go including Spuds, City and Utd left to play.

Europa still our best bet


You simply aren’t going to get a top 4 place in this day and age by winning 5 times away from home or so all season, I’ve felt Europa has been our best bet all campaign.


Next week it’s gonna be decisive. Make or break.


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Close this one maybe? @Bl1nk


With our away form forget it we can’t even beat bottom team