The R.I.P thread


Rip Bradley taken far to soon


RIP little Bradley


R.I.P young brave boy.


RIP little fella . Let the stars carry you from now on .
Jermaine Defoe , our thoughts with you to .


RIP Little man… No more pain…
Didnt take someone long to abuse him on twitter… Melt…


Poor little fella, at least his final few months contained some absolutely wonderful moments that would be any six years olds dream. People like Defoe did everything they could to make his life really special. I’ve got such massive respect for Defoe now, he was absolutely wonderful with Bradley, really went above and beyond.


Beautiful JakeyBoy


RIP Bradley, such a brave young man


It was nice that Defoe got a genuine friendship with him


RIP Bradley. Your bravery and courage will inspire many.


RIP Chester Bennington.


One my favourite singers in the last years. I grew up listening to Linkin Park.


No way… this cant be true. One of my first albums was Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory. They were awesome. Sad news, RIP Chester. :pensive:


[quote]Linkin Park star Chester Bennington found dead on birthday of late friend Chris Cornell of Audioslave

Terrible news!


RIP Chester. Shocking news. Gonna be a massive funeral.


Read about this this morning. One of my favourite bands although I haven’t been following them lately.

Sad news. Always makes me wonder when someone so successful resorts to taking their own life.


Just goes to show that wealth and success are not barriers to mental health issues.


It’s weirdly related to the death of Chris Cornell :confused:


haven’t really heard any of their latest songs for years but I like a few of their older ones, RIP


This probably won’t be a popular opinion but fuck this guy, he was only 41 so I’m guessing the 6 kids he left behind aren’t all that old. Selfish as fuck.