The R.I.P thread


Taking the lead from the birthday thread i decided to make a general R.I.P thread where we can post our condolences for the deceased.

R.I.P Kenny Baker, AKA, R2D2 :frowning:


Good call. They bum me out.


Rip Kenny :cry:


Mer me mer mere mewwwwwwwwwww


R.I.P to Gene Wilder


Great actor. RIP.


Very funny guy. loved his films with Richard Pryor.



oh that’s sad, I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the other day. I thought he died years ago though


So many brilliant films. RIP Gene

Probably my favourite scene of his. :smile:


Willy Wonka was a big part of my childhood but Young Frankenstein was a big part of my adolescence and introduction to Mel Brooks.

Also, he was in the criminally underrated Frisco Kid with a super young Harrison Ford.

To borrow a Wengerism, he was a top top actor.


Great actor. R.I.P. Frankenstein junior is just wonderful.


His shaking hand is rubbish Lol.

RIP though, funny dude.


RIP. Will live on through millions if not billions of Condescending Wonka memes. Legend.


This is really odd but I thought that Gene Wilder already was dead, for some unknown reason. Which made this news quite surprising.


Glitch in the matrix. :smirk:


Rip to dead or alive singer pete burns


60’s pop idol Bobby Vee.



massive tune.


Didnt realise he was only 15 when he replaced Buddy Holly. Massive thing to have done at any age at the time.


class from arsenal. RIP