The R.I.P thread


Very easy to say this when you have no idea what he was going through in his personal life, it takes some herculean effort to break through the self preservation barrier.

In all honestly your comment is lame as fuck and in bad taste.


Completely agree. Got a lot of time for you db10 but judging a guy who’s in a bad enough state to do what he did isn’t fair imo.


well said.


Judge him for having 6 kids then. And for his shit music.


Whatever about his music I don’t get this part.


It’s way too much procreation for any sensible person much less a person who has depressive tendencies/mental health issues. Chris Cornell managed to not be silly enough to reproduce and leave children behind nor make such crap music.


Come on the guy is dead and you’re peddling this bullshit? Because one suicide has one upped the other, right?

Words fail me.


One kid, six kids, ten kids, no kids. I don’t see any difference when it comes to something like this to be honest.


I didn’t say one suicide one upped the other, I implied, and say now, that Chris Cornell would seem to be the more intelligent human being between the two.

Why not? When you make a human being and bring it into the world you are responsible for it. Anyways, the kids are probably well provided for money wise so I guess it’s not so bad, still, having that many kids is almost never a sign of an intelligent human, aside from the more obvious evidence (his music).


Who gives a shit? As if it’s a competition. What does that talk bring to this thread exactly? Making arbitrary comments about child rearing and his music in response to his death is just strange.

Nothing more than being crass IMO.


Because the guy was ill. Fine you want to define an illness because of how many kids he had I don’t really mind (even though I don’t agree either) but I don’t agree with the judgmental aspect either. He was mentally ill and he made a bad decision (from our perspective). How many kids he had probably played no part in that for him. I’ve a dog and I can’t imagine thinking about what he did but thank fuck for that. I’d hate to feel what he did when he did what he did. I hope I never do.


What am I defining? I don’t think the kids had anything to do with his illness (though I have no idea, I don’t know anything about the guy other than what I’ve read in this thread), I think they had to do with him likely being an unintelligent human being.

Sure, I’d hate to feel depressed enough to take my own life (though there are plenty who suffer equal or worse depressions to those of those that take their own life, without doing so, for disparate psychological/personal reasons). I’d also hate to be in the awful situation of an actual majority of people on this planet.

Basically, while I don’t agree with the fuck this guy sentiment from db10, I would offer a: who gives a fuck about this guy and this unintelligent human being definitely gets no sympathy from me.


Blah blah blah armchair psychology blah blah blah.


What i never understand though (especially with Celebs) they have so many people around them but yet no one ever sees the signs. Another thing i dont get is especially that he has a lot of kids and i reckon a reasonably happy marriage…why the hell he didnt ask for help, i never understand why they never seem to ask for help and just commit suicide, i never understand that especially because usually (celebs anyway) they have huuuuuuuuuge support networks etc.


@AbouCuellar Like any of these people planned to feel despondent enough to end their own life… Your opinion of his music has zero relevance to his suicide so why that’s even being mentioned is anyone’s guess, and secondly your opinions about his intelligence are based on precisely fuck all.


So why mention them?


Because they were mentioned by db10–and though I didn’t agree with his statement I was backing up the this guy doesn’t deserve special sympathy sentiment–and because they are an indication of his intelligence.

That’s exactly why you don’t have that many kids and take on such a serious responsibility, because any sensible human being can see that life can throw all kinds of shit at you you would never expect. The 6 kids act is a much more reckless/careless act than the suicide act, is my point.


Your point much like your entire argument is bollocks.

The only one showing low intelligence here is you, it’s funny to see you act like you know what the fuck you’re talking about.


6 kids or twenty, who cares? He was rich and could afford to pay for their upbringing.


True, but 6 kids fatherless or 20 are more than one or two or none. But yeah, at least he will have provided for them with his crap music, could’ve been much worse for the kids.

Anyways, enough talk of this joker, got Darkseid triggered, my work is done here.