The R.I.P thread


RIP Adam We.


Its truly amazing how Adam West remained a relevant figure so long. The amount of work he did as an actor is truly incredible.

I highly recommend Starring Adam West which is a great documentary about him.

Rest In Peace.


Didnt eithen know he was unwell Rip Adam west


His turn in the Simpsons was truly memorable. (The snow plough episode)

RIP Mr Adam West


Errol Christie very talented boxer from the 80s, died of cancer. Really sad. Top fighter and good bloke.


RIP Errol Christie. Good fighter.


Didn’t know about Adam West :disappointed_relieved:. Rip.


Rest In Peace, Herr Kohl.


One of the last truly great politicians.





Brian Cant from Play Away
One for the older generation on here .


One of the biggest cunts in the history of this country. Good riddance to that incompetent fat assed fuckwit.



I never did get around to watching the other 2 in the trilogy. I must do that.


Was impressed by his performance in Ghost Protocol, although there wasn’t much scope for acting in that movie.



Such a talent. Heart braking loss at only 56 :pensive:


Rip Barry Norman
Film critic Barry Norman dies - BBC News



Definitive film reviewer across several generations!


RIP little man. x



Rest in peace little man :pensive:

Massive respect to Defoe and Sunderland for making his last months as enjoyable as possible.