The R.I.P thread


Ramsey strikes again.

RIP Roger.

He was 89 to be fair.


Wasn’t he just the greatest Bond .
I liked the car roll with JW Pepper in
Man with the golden gun .
Classic Moore, classic Bond



Cheers for sharing. RM at his best !




I’ve just been watching re runs of the Persuaders.
It’s bit cheesy, but I used to think it was the best programme on TV.
He was one of the biggest film stars in the 70’s and by all accounts well respected and liked by his fellow actors.


Never the biggest bond fan but Roger Moore himself was a class act. RIP sir Rog.


Didn’t know about Roger Moore! :disappointed_relieved:Imo the best bond and played in the best ones. RIP.



RIP Gregg Allman
Hope you’ve caught that Midnight Rider


Has Ramsey done it again?!


He has
Gregg Allman has fallen !


What the fuck :cry:

R.I.P. Cheick


this is awful, still so young as well. Really sad :frowning:


Actor Peter Sallis dies aged 96 - BBC News


RIP Wallace. :frowning:


Cracking toast gromit, RIP


WTF, holy shit…was it his heart? I thought they did medicals etc to see if there are any abnormalities etc just seems to have happened quite a few times in football, how do these things go unseen?


Bodger from Bodger and Badger passed away aged 67. That programme was one of my faves as a nipper.

RIP Andy.


Batman and Mayor West from Family Guy.