The Labour Party

Yeah Burnham would be my choice. He has enough profile and could see him unite both sides of the party enough.

Maybe don’t don’t forget that in Corbyn’s first go at an election he did very well and the second was essentially about Brexit. I feel if anything he might have helped to avert the trend of losing votes in the North in particular in that first election.

Exactly the opposite has happened. The left deserted Labour in droves and is why the Greens are surging.

Would that work. Blair did have charisma so they’d need that. I get the feeling Britain is polarizing on cultural grounds - nationhood, patriotism, race etc. A Blair type probably isn’t going to win votes on these issues. His time is gone imo.

Yes probably somewhat but the centre still can look lots of different ways.

He’s not even an MP is he? They’d have to parachute him in. Also he wasn’t very inspiring when he stood to lead the party before. I feel he is a good choice with a narrow electorate like being a mayor because he’s a bit of a weathervane. In a left leaning city he can do that job. Appealing to a nation. Nah, not for me.

I think that after Blair and Brown there hasn’t been anyone that has stood out in the Labou=r party to be a great leader.
They’ve had Milliband, Corbyn and Starmer, who have all been lacking in charisma and who have surrounded themselves with equally unattractive people in top positions.

I don’t think that many voters who left the Labour party have gone to the Green party, it’s more to do with them either not voting or voting Liberal, like I did.

I think him representing a policy for more redistribution of power in other parts of the country is a new and fresh outlook which gives huge numbers of the country something to believe in.
Party politics in general is dead in the water now. Brexit galvanised if somewhat narrow minded interest on people voting last time. The key being it was something outside the normal of traditional voting.
An transfer of government departments or bigger say for the population in general could work the same way.
People are just generally apathetic to the Westminster game now and tired of it. It’s a form of identity politics really but that’s what engages people now. Certainly younger people IMO.

I agree, although it’s not a good situation because it makes it easier for more extreme politicians to get power, especially if they are charismatic and the people they are appealing to are fed up with mainstream politicians.

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I definitely think you’re partly right here, but at the same time, Corbyn was willing to go through with Brexit, Starmer was one of the biggest cheerleaders for a second vote on it. The party membership agreed with Starmer and wanted a second vote on it, so Corbyn went along with it as he effectively had no choice, his entire claim to being leader was based on the mandate given to him by party members, so he had no choice but to go along with it.

I fully accept that Corbym was hugely unpopular with the elctorate, but Brexit was the biggest issue at the last General Election, and as far as the Labour Party goes, Corbyn had it right and the Parliamentary Labour Party and the membership had it wrong.

And here we are.

It’s massovely simplistic to say Corbyn had the right Brexit opinion and would have won of not for the PLP and membership, but its also reductive to say the election was lost because of Corbyn and the “woke politics”.


Preach with the last one.

But tbh I don’t know what the solution is. The only thing I can see maybe working is an offensive, socially conservative left-winger like I posted in the other thread, somebody the tabloids might like.

But I don’t know if the billionaire owned tabloids will go for anyone going after their pockets.

Britain’s left is pretty fucked it looks like.


How do you feel about Andy Burnham?

I feel like he’s been spending a lot of time and effort the last few years as Mayor of Manchester speaking out against the government and getting lots of tv time etc. (He’s always on BBC Breakfast) - feels to me like he’s positioning and manoeuvring himself into a potential Labour Party leadership bid.


Think he’s the only viable option and he has pushed the north v south divide line quite well. If he spread that argument for other areas outside of London he could gain certain support.
BBC being in Manchester helps in the meantime his accessibility for media exposure for him.


One of the better hopes the Labour Party has, I reckon. Still don’t think its good enough, mind.

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