The Labour Party

Let’s get this started.

Angela Eagle has announced her leadership bid.

This will be the most colossal heavyweight leadership battle in the history of leadership battles.

I believe she’s standing for the good of the party, to show that Corbyn is actually a more capable leader than somebody else.

Kudos Angela, taking one for the team.

Hope it works Craigie.

Absolutely disgraceful stuff from the NEC. Doing secret votes trying to keep Corbyn off the ballot becayse they know he will win in a landslide.

They never learn, subverting democracy.

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I just can’t fathom how rLabour can come to the conclusion that leaving Corbyn of the ballot will end in anything but disaster.

Tories impressively united in their leadership battles. Pretty savage when they talk shite during them, but afterwards kiss and make up like it was nothing. got to admire that attitude of ,‘anything goes lol, we’ll say anything to get what we want’.

You can at peast respect that.

This. Fuck me this is just cancer. Tryin to do the same kind of thing, but in such a pathetic wet wipe way that has the worst things of both criticisms levelled at the right and left of politics.

The whining and whimpering of the left and the dishonesty and the cynical sepfserving power grabs of the right.

You combine that and you get a truly unelectable mess that makes Theresa May look like fucking Barack Obama in terms of electability.

Nicola get us the fuck out of here ASAP

The Parliamentary Labour Party have cut the brakes nicked the steering wheel pushed the bus down the hill to the cliff and are now blaming the driver for crashing .

They dont seem to understand that the old working classes who they have systematically ignored and descriminated against during their years in power abandoned them in the last election in their millions .
They also forget that the British Public has grown tired of having a Labour Party that is in effect a Tory Party who dresses in red . The Blair / Brown years were a disaster for theis country and it’s policies are discredited.
Outside their own constituancies many people dont know a lot of the New Labour MP’s and they could well be unseated if they dont start to tow the line.

These time cry out for reform and a new type of Politics and Corbyn whilst he has his faults wants to do something for the country and is honest which is a refreshing change .
He was also elected by the Labour party membership which they have never accepted and continue to do dirty underhanded things to unseat him . I look forward to Voting for Jeremy as I joined the party recently asnd will gladly pay the extra 25 quid to support him ! I look forward after his victory to the de-selection of rebel Mp’s !


I’m a bit stuck on where I stand on Corbyn to be honest. He clearly has a mandate from Labour supporters to carry out his mandate and to stand as leader of the opposition. If the Labour Party were to ignore this (They already have, but if Corbyn were to lose the next leadership elections) then they would be losing a lot of supporters, and would probably be moving away from the left more and more. In this respect they have to respect his mandate and the direction he wants to take the party in.

However, on a personal level, I’m not a big fan of Corbyn. His performance in PMQs have been pretty poor, and he’s missed many a oppurtunity to really attack the tories. I don’t think he’s as unpopular with non-labour members as the party are making out to be, but I can’t see him ever building a sizeable lead over the tories in the polls. Also, especially in the climate we’re in now, I’d much prefer to see the Labour party on the centre-left. I think with the way the tories are going, the country needs a strong party that can represent a wide branch of people, it seems as if Labour will miss out on this.

A political party should exist and build on a set of principals for living and if elected good governance however the labour partyunder Blair just said anything popularist to get and stay in betraying the country and any values of the Labour party as did the liv dems.

Getting elected isnt the be all and end all of a parties existence it should stand for something more than lining the pockets of the few !

Corbyn has been deliberately trageted by the press in general and in particular by the Oxford dominated BBC who side with the blairites .
Among their tricks is to alter the sound so you cant hear him properly and failing to report on his actions where he visits supporters .
All you ever see is him bieng berated and osttracised making it seem like he is a lost cause which he is not !


Good article.

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Very good Luca , I gave up reading the Gaurdian after it went blairite but that is a well wrtten and thought up piece and says it all really !

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Current Labour NEC looks like it’s trying to imitate a minor fascist state at the moment.

It’s now suspended Brighton Hove CLP, and same again for another in Manchester, annulling it’s motions and removing its newly elected delegates. They’ve also added something to the rules which states that a member can be suspended for using terms like ‘traitor’ or ‘scum’ on social media, so expect all members to have their social media trawled before leadership election. If Owen Smith or Angela Eagle win then also expect Momentum to be expelled along with it’s membership. Sad times.

On plus side just voted in the NEC elections so hopefully we’ll soon be rid of these anti-democratic twats. Obviously didn’t vote for Eddie Izzard (yes, that’s right he’s standing), he’s funny, but a bit of a Blairite. No thanks Eddie take your jam some place else.


Incredible. Remember the guy who came up with Corbyn's economic plan...

— (((Dan Hodges))) (@DPJHodges) July 18, 2016

I have never read such a demolition of a party leader by colleague as this of @jeremycorbyn by @LilianGreenwood

— Robert Peston (@Peston) July 18, 2016

I know alot of people think Corbyn is simply being defamed unfairly. But so so so many people have bought up this line of incompetence that it is past the point of being a blairite coup. The guy is simply an activist. No more no less, there’s nothing wrong with that but leaders hold positions of importance not people who mismanage everything like Corbyn has.

EDIT: I think these are good articles by the way I’d be interested to know labour thoughts on them, as opposed to thinking I’m a tory looking to “defame” I genuinely am interested.

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There’s probably a bit of truth in the ‘competence’ debate. Mainly I put this down to the fact Corbyn never expected to win the last leadership debate, and so had no time to build a slick team or lay the groundwork like most leaders in waiting do. Inexperience definitely shows, but I do think it’s massively exaggerated by a PLP who know this is their line of attack. It’s the only grounds they have to try and topple him - policies and mandate they can’t touch him on.

There is definitely a lot of deliberate lying going on. In my ward I was told that one of our ward secretaries was called in the middle of the night by a lefty who withheld their numbers and called her a Blairite bitch. But no one has even told us who it was who received the call, so it’s hard to believe it. I’ve heard it said that when our AGM was cancelled our chair was abused outside the meeting but I know for a fact this is a lie. I heard a story last night about how a left member was chased into a pub and verbally abused so much he had to run away by a group of ‘moderates’ in Brighton, which then led to the AGM being suspended because Momentum had apparently infiltrated it.

There is a conspiracy of lies taking place in the Labour party at the moment. A deliberate attempt to kill off socialism and voter participation. That’s all it’s about. So even if there is some truth in criticism of Corbyn - and some may well be true - it’s so mixed up with the misinformation that its impossible to make any kind of rational judgement on it at all.

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I simply dont buy this “we are bieng bullied” rubbish from the blairite liars. They are using every smear tactic in the book. their actions are truly disgusting .i paid up my 25 quid which i shouldnt have had to yesterday . i look forward to voting for my fellow gooner comrade .


A genuinely incredible sum of 180,000 + supporters signed up to vote in just a 2-day window at a whopping £25! Considering that most of these will be frozen out new members who are already paying £15 a year at least to the party, is mind blowing.

I did some phone banking for this, and it was unreal listening to people unemployed or struggling to feed their families, insisting they will find the money somehow.

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Its a chance to turn around a political party to serve the country not fleece it . I reckon 25 quid was a small price to pay . I disagree with Corbyn on a number of issues but I know hes honest .

Is this NEC member lying?

I have no doubt there is a lot of lying going on. But I also have no doubt there is a lot of truth being told as well. Just because there is lying and exaggeration dosnt mean the premise of the lies are true in other instances. It feels like maybe things are just being dismissed and using the fact that because there is clearly a movement to oust Jermey that any negative news just gets disregarded “lies, exaggeration, alterior motives” etcetc Kind of like the Leave ref campaign. Perhaps whether its true or not is entirely irrelevant as everything more comes down to public perception, the key point is a lot of the mud sticks regardless.

The way I see it literally everything about the labour party right now is inexcusable. From head to toe. There’s no side who is in the right. Corbyn and McDonnel, PLP and a handful of nutcase corbynistas.

Its this reason why Labour cannot win. Ultimately there is no outcome of this internal labour struggle which see’s the country voting them in. Because EVERYONE in labour has just shit on their own faces Corbyn included.

I was wondering what people’s opinions were on Smith? I don’t know much about him but whenever I’ve seen him speak he’s fallen into the “seems a decent chap” category.

I fear this fight will get very tribal. We’ll hopefully get a decent election campaign where both guys put out their stances but I don’t want it to be that people vote for Corbyn as the stick-it-to-the-establishment vote. If a better leader emerges, people should vote based on that.

He worked for Pfizer. I worked for Pfizer. Apparently working for Pfizer is bad, this is all I know about him (and myself now).