The Labour Party

It might even have been less, I just remember it wasn’t many in comparison to how many posts there would have been had Wenger really left

‘fun’ fact. Circumcision reduces people’s risk of getting dick infections and dick cancer.

By a miniscule amount, but still.

I was circumcised and I couldn’t give a fuck lol, I thought it was a normal thing, I found uncircumcised dicks weird.

I do understand those that don’t want to subject those who can’t consent to circumcision like babies, though.

Interesting debate.

On the topic at hand though, and Keir Starmer might just be what Labour need, in terms of a credible alternative.

But I fear the UK is too far gone for any kind of reasonable leadership. The whole country is a mess (see reaction to Harry and Meghan)



This conversation… :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


And a double mastectomy helps reduce risk of Titty cancer. :sunglasses:




Myth also says it actually orginated in the Middle East to prevent Balanitis due to sand accumulating under the foreskin. I learnt this from one of the surgery books I read earlier last year.


Please don’t post any photos from it.:upside_down_face:

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How the fck we gone from ‘Labour Party’ to circumnavigate to dick slashing ?! Dafuq gwarnin in this thread BRUH ??

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Because @SRCJJ is obsessed with slashing pieces of his kids cocks. So we can prevent this travesty by slashing his cock off before he can do this. Makes sense

Presumably not as much as washing properly every day does?


Here you go big man.

Having a foreskin is only one of many other risk factors for it. Along with smoking, and not being able to retract your foreskin.

But the evidence does show one of the best ways of preventing penile cancer is circumcision, and the earlier the better in this case.

However, penile cancer is massively rare so this may not matter at all lol.

Just thought I’d reply and give you some sources if you were interested.

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Suppose my washing comment more referred to the infections part, which I would assume are far more frequent than cock cancer. Though cock cancer is a lot of fun to say.

Doesnt that just support what Jakey said in regards to cleanliness, it majorly affects poor regions, there decision that circumcision helps us basically because israel reports a low rate?

Circumcision during infancy or in childhood may provide partial protection against penile cancer. Several authors have proposed circumcision as a possible strategy for penile cancer prevention;[4][14][20] however, the American Cancer Society points to the rarity of the disease and notes that neither the American Academy of Pediatrics nor the Canadian Academy of Pediatrics recommend routine neonatal circumcision.

I mean it is a non-issue in countries like the UK you’re right, unless you can’t move your foreskin back.

And most people certainly wouldn’t do it based on the risk of this.

@JakeyBoy aah, here’s a paper on Bellend infections then:

Similar story. Doesn’t really say which is more important, but I think you can be assured that if you keep your member clean, you’ll be fine. :wink:

Also a fun picture at the end, if you’re interested :pepe1:


OK these medical papers are probably the final straw, I’m gonna have to tidy this thread up in the coming days. Thanks for sharing and all, appreciate the thought, but shits too gross and all kinds of wrong.

But if I move the lists to a new thread, am I really gonna label a thread “circumcision debate”?! Maybe I’ll try to keep it lighthearted and call it the “ten inches uncut juicy hog thread”

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Would love it if you weren’t on incognito mode and someone happened to go through your browser history.

Interesting studies you like to read there :rofl:

Trust me, there’s a lot worse on there.

My strategy is to gross out my NSA/GCHQ guys so much they don’t even want to know what I’m up to.


Bloodclart :drop_of_blood: :rofl:

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Reading back I am super curious as to what Srcjj s culture accepts. Like hes all for cutting kids cocks because of culture but has sex outside of marriage and has abortions which are both illegal where his from.