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The arctic is in fact a construct of the lizard people in association with the Rand Corporation.


It’s a lot to do with a certain subgroup of trans/genderqueer activists trying to destroy gender as a concept, like saying it is only a construct.

Firstly by going after the doctors etc. who maintain gender is a thing, then everyone else.

I get there are specific things that mean you may not be fully male or fully female but the majority of use still fall within those lines. If you get to a certain age and realise you don’t believe you are one of them, but the other, thats fine.

But I don’t really get this spectrum thing, aside from the aforementioned conditions.


Finally, someone speaks the truth!!! Wake up sheeple!!!


Isn’t that the difference between gender and sex though? Like gender is a bit of a social construct, sex is not and is a biological fact that’s assigned at birth? I could be wrong, but that’s my understanding.

@Great-White-Gooner I guess I’m just lucky that my day to day never involves having conversations about the inherent physical differences between men and women, so I don’t have to deal with people getting offended. Unless you work in a very specific field, surely on some level you must be seeking these conversations out? Because I really don’t find that these are topics that ever come up in my interactions with people.


At uni it is I find that younger students typically take the constructionist view on sex and gender like you have. And these conversations take place all the time along with what’s innate and what’s nurtured


Aah yes! You said it better there.

Well these days, both are constructs to some apparently.


Because it’s pseudoscience lol.

Tolerance and human rights are obviously wonderful things, no need to underscore them with falsehood though. Allowing men into women only toilets is the pseudoscience. Unisex toilets however might be where the tolerance comes in.


Right, so does anyone else think this is a bit of a fucking reach?

Its perfectly feasible that the guy making the initial tweet had no idea that Stephen Fry was of Jewish descent, I’m a pretty big fan of Stephen Fry and I honestly had literally no idea he was of Jewish descent. I strongly suspect most people don’t know this either.

I think if you want to convince people that Labour (or more specifically Corbynistas) have a problem with antisemitism, baseless reaching like this is totally counter productive to your aims.

Also, does anyone else think its a bit fucking rich for her to go on about antisemitism so much when she created a universe in which the bankers are cunning, intelligent, untrustworthy, hook-nosed little goblins?


For comparison:


Perhaps she wants to examine her subconscious and ask whether she has a deep-seated, unconscious dislike of Jewish people?

Now, to be clear, I obviously don’t think she’s anti-semitic, but I’ve got more to go on than she fucking does in her tweet.

Not gonna lie (and I think this is pretty obvious), but I don’t have much time for her. Not just for the anti-Corbyn stuff she constantly engages in, because I don’t really consider myself a supporter of Corbyn anymore. Politically were aligned, and it’s that that makes me want to reflexively defend him sometimes, because I’ve waited years to have a mainstream figure in politics who I think is sufficiently left wing for my tastes. And I find it hard to give up on this. But the man is clearly an incompetent, to say the least, and the British public don’t like him.

But I think she’s the worst kind of virtue signaller. Retrospectively saying that Dumbledore is gay, while never making that clear in her books. She’s either said it retrospectively to be right on, or she thought it all along but didn’t have the courage of her convictions to put it in the actual fucking books. Or for acting like Hermione wasn’t white in the books because a black actor was cast in the play set in the future when the main trio were adults. Just be honest and say that a black actor was cast because she’s talented and because race was never an important factor in the character.


JK Rowling is an imbecile. Go check her faux scriptural Twitter thread (a borderline novella) on Corbyn. The woman is unhinged.


Oh god, I saw that one. That thread was utterly smug and tedious drivel


She’s literally mental. I’ve read posts of hers where she seems to suggest that Harry Potter is real. Wish I could easily find them, they’re hilarious.


Where were yous in 2014?

We’ve known she’s been a wrong-un for ages.

I give her a pass though, because she has been through some fucked up shit. But also disregard everything she says because she says moronic shit 100% of the time.


Hah I just got sent this today. :grin:


I think Corbyn has some real issues to sort of with his own personal beliefs on Jews, Israel and Judaism. Labour certainly has an Antisemitism problem and the constant gas-lighting from folks further left isn’t really helping the issue.

I actually think JK Rowling does more harm than good for the Jewish community. We have quite a few high profile “friends of the Jewish community” floating around out there. She’s definitely one of them. The problem is that she tends to conflate “Israel” with “Jews” and “Judaism” which doesn’t really help all that much.


The goblins. Jesus Christ. It could not be any more clear that they are an anti-Semitic caricature both in the book and on screen. That one goblin in the screen shot has fucking peyes. Cannot believe nobody caught that during production.


She just seems to be a fairly horrid person.


Her defense was to say that he was gay but she didn’t ever make it clear cause “gay people just look like normal people”. Well yes, but then by this logic we can say any character who isn’t explicitly heterosexual must be gay…


She obviously has way too much time on her hands and has a sense of pretentious self important belief that she’s some sort of spokesperson for the Blairite center left.

It’s like she’s jumping with glee ‘I gotcha, look racism’ not realising that she’s the one drawing the racist anti-semitic example herself, not the person she’s responding to. It’s akin to someone saying ‘you can’t say Lukaku has got fat and doesn’t run enough otherwise you’re drawing a racist stereotype.’ It’s the definition of using the race card when there isn’t a racist element involved.

If she was a stranger on the forum we’d just call her a shit troll. At least A4TT is occasionally funny.

It’s actually sad and it shows you can have all the money in the world and just be a shit internet troll because you’ve got nothing better to do.


Lol :smile: (needs sound)


Looks like Labour have dropped seven points in the polls. Clear sign that our block Brexit position is not going to work. The shift is to the Tories so it’s the Leavers who are moving, not the Remainers - as noisy as they are there’s no Lib Dem or Green surge.


Honestly Local association members in any party can be some of the most deluded people in politics. They’re closeness to real power deceives them into thinking they’re relevant.