The Labour Party


Little do they know that no deal will bring in a Labour government and likely destroy the conservative party.

I guess there is one benefit to no deal brexit after all!


Or of course she tables her crap deal a few days before the deadline to try and force the MP’s to vote for it.


That sounds terrible, but likely. The latest possible date for a meaningful vote by MPs on the withdrawal agreement is 28 March, the day before the UK is due to leave the EU.


A no confidence vote isn’t overly tactical. The Tories are hell bent on preventing a Socialist government so a no confidence vote would just unite them. Hence Labour will lose. We need May to fall on her own. The reason, I think, why so many Labour MP’s are calling on Corbyn to do it is because they a) they want him to lose like they have all along, and b) because they see it as a means of bypassing Labour’s conference pledge to respect the outcome of the referendum - they see it as a stepping stone to a second referendum. I think Jezza just needs to hold tight. Why interfere with May’s disasterclass.


Because you’re complicit if you don’t.

I’ve seen some commentators suggest he’s steadily being outflanked by prominent MPs and frontbenchers who are more brazen in their support of people vote. It makes sense too when your voter base overwhelming rejects Brexit


I really don’t agree. What’s the point of calling for a no confidence vote if you will lose it and weaken your position in doing so? Corbyn’s job is to get elected and try and transform society on the lines he has outlined, not to pivot on a second referendum which is undemocratic and contrary to Labour’s own conference position. I don’t want my leaders to be fucking idiots. Yes a large section of his base is Remain but they will not desert him, and he needs to keep the leavers in his base too. Honestly, I don’t want some honourable sacrifice from him, I want him in number 10. That’s more important than Brexit.


Corbyn’s position will only strengthen for every day that the government defers the vote in Parliament. A vote they can’t win.


the fuck is this

Corbyn is dun out here.


Yeah I don’t think he’ll come close to winning any election. I thought that the fall-out from Brexit would give him a chance but I can’t really see that happening now. He clearly isn’t listening to his membership on the biggest issue to face this country, and his own policy on that issue is deliberately vague.
Getting to a point where I’m starting to think that I just won’t vote in the next election.


I’d rather vote Labour, even if the leader is a bit of a flake, than not vote at all.


Labour polled about the same on YouGov prior to the last election I think. Labour always close the point gap quite a bit on polling day anyway and of course in the lead in to an election when the BBC has to follow higher standards of impartiality. For me this poll is good as it might lure the Tories into a false sense of security so they might call an election.


I was raised in a Socialist Labour voting family and have always had socialist passion through and through. But events that I’ve come across over the past 7 months have made me shift over to a right wing viewpoint despite being both unemployed and homeless for periods. Left wing policies have forced me out of my family home, making me homeless because my ex falsely claimed to have experienced domestic violence. The system is currently allowing her to stop me seeing my kids and I’ll be prosecuted if I visit my house I paid for or communicate with her. I now have a criminal record for emailing her about our daughters nativity. Women’s rights that the left continually lobbyed for have destroy many men’s lives. I’m sure men who have had my experiences have and will commit suicide. And I was a man that would call BS on all of this up until I ran into the system we have in place thanks to left wing lobbying. So I’ll never vote Labour again because I know they’ll do more to allow my ex to stop me seeing my kids and to give her every power they can for her to abuse me. That and the fact I’m an entrepreneur starting a fledgling business that doesn’t trust Labour with taxes or the economy.

Tell that to Neil Kinnock


Any shot Corbyn steps down in order to get the party closer to winning an actual election?

He’s turning into the politics version of Spurs, putting the pressure on but not getting any results.


Protecting women from domestic violence is bilateral in Parliament. And that’s a good thing.


I understand why you feel that way and what’s happened to you is wrong but what the implementation of women’s rights has done is for the most part an overwhelming good and positive.

To paint this as a left wing policy is wrong though as people on all sides have and continue to fight for it. The right has no answers to it other than oppression of women and even then that is something only at the extremes anyway.

The problem here is not the system, not the left but from the picture you painted the problem is your ex is a cunt.


What opression if women in western society? Can anyone name me one right I have as a man that a woman in our society doesn’t have? This whole we must uplift girls/women at the cost of boys/men is doing some real damage. In the past it was needed but now it has gone to far. It has even affected me in my personal life also which dissolutioned with my job and on the brink of changing profession. There is only so many times you can be overlooked for promotion because I have the wrong genitalia between my legs. It’s particular egregious when those who put ahead of you have inferior skill set and experience for the job. Also having track records of major mishaps that cost a lot with evidence on paper that justification for being put ahead.
There consequences to these laws that were lobbied for by women’s groups and imposed on men. Like coatmaker a woman can just accuse you of violence without evidence and the police will move you out of your home you paid for as it is written in law.


This isnt exactly the same point but it’s related. There’s an extremely worrying ideology coming through academia as well now which basically states that men and women are the same, and that gender is a social construction. This isn’t only limited to the humanities either.

I recently finished university, and during my time there I had a debate once with a friend of mine who was in a kinesiology program. She’s generally an intelligent and rational person, but on this particular occasion I found myself equally amazed and depressed at the state of her thinking. She legitimately thought that the only reason why men, in most cases, are physically stronger than women was that they were socialized this way at an early age. So in other words, boys only become stronger than girls because they are told to play sports, and if this weren’t the case, then the two sexes would be equal in their strength once they develop. Remember, this came from a KINESIOLOGY student.

Now that’s just one fairly mild example, but I can see the slippery slope. If you think Western societies are bad now with the gender politics, wait about 10-20 years until these people are pulling the strings. What a bizarre dystopia we’ll be living in if we continue down this road. Some might say I’m overreacting, but I’m guessing that most of the users on this site are a bit older than me and haven’t seen quite how hopeless this situation is. The percentage of well educated people who think this way now is terrifying, and the amount who don’t actually believe it but just blindly go along with it is even more frightening to me. I bet you could quite easily find a number of men making this point now as well.


It seems you are quite selective about when evidence is important, because all you’ve heard is arsenecoatmaker’s side of the story but you totally believe his story. Your post twice makes mention of evidence and its importance and yet you aren’t reserving any judgment whatsoever when it comes to his story.

I work in the third sector, about as lefty as an area of employment is going to be, and six months ago I went up against two women in my team for promotion and I got the job, even though one of them had management experience and I didn’t. So you can offer your anecdotal evidence, I’ll offer mine. Really, what is either story worth? Perhaps you’re blinkered by bitterness about how your professional life is turning out, perhaps there are other factors you’re blind to that led your employers to promoting someone other than you. Or perhaps its true, and you are repeatedly overlooked because you’ve got a cock and balls between your legs.

Like ACM, all I’m hearing is your side of the story and I see no reason to uncritically take your word for it that you’re the victim of sexism.


blinkered? Bitterness? Far from it all my mentees are women I would have rather one of them get it over the two they picked. At least the are competent that I have had imense pride in nurturing they talent. And well done for getting the job over those women, but my friend your world experience is not universal to all men it unique to you. In my sector it’s very left and they have a quota to meet of women and BAME (black Asian minority ethnic) mangers and leaders. Unfortunately for me I tick one box of under representation but another of over representation, while the two women ticked two. Believe what you want to be it I’m bitter or not I’m not going to jump through more hoops than anyone that has gone for the same position. The mental strength it takes to do more than everybody before me and be expected to sort people fuck up that should not be there as a part of some litmus test is the biggest farce of my career. That drove me to return to uni to retrain to start another career or potentially working for myself. That way I don’t want have to deal ideological nonsense. Again my friend you don’t believe what myself or coats say because like people with your ideology like to say “It’s our lived experiences and you are invalidating that with your cis white male privilege” :joy:


But that would occur under the Conservatives as well.