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While you’re right it goes against the Labour philosophy of the social state being for those who need it. Depriving others of social housing because it suits you while you’re relatively wealthy and shouting ‘Representing the many and not the few’ is hypocritical.


Honestly though, this journalist stalked her home and was banging on her door late at night. The twat deserved it.

Yes. A few years back she was a councillor and probably had her son working for her as a volunteer, or perhaps if she was in a cabinet role on a small stipend. Once unexpectedly elected she retains him on a staffer or secretary salary. Then she gets a shadow cabinet role where she can pay more and retains her son. It’s not really nepotism framed this way. Would she sack him and hire someone else? Who’d apply for it? Probably a middle class white kid who wants a political career. She can’t just hire a benefit claimant can she, the job is chief staffer to a shadow minister. The kids salary is just a standard salary for the role.

Again sounds bad at first. The new threshold for earnings that would disallow her to live in her home only came into affect last year. Is she going to move out of her family home, where for all I know she’s lived for years, and move into a rented house. My wife and I combined earn about the same as her and we struggle to pay for a one bed flat in London. Also if she’s breaking the law how has she got around it? Presumably there is some kind of exemption in place or something. I’m pretty sure long term council tenants don’t just get booted out when their salaries go beyond the threshold.


Wouldn’t she be paying rent in line with her earnings? Why should she not live within the community she represents?


Council rent is fixed. Her earnings wouldn’t affect it.


Ah an essential bit of info missing in the Sun article I read lol.


This is all irrelevant to the fact she was violent and abused her position of power.

And why did a journalist deserved violent abusive behaviour for knocking on her door? And any source for it being in the late of night?

When people abuse their power they should be brought to task. Especially when they use it to bully others.

As for you believing her nepotism and abuse of services isn’t money grabbing, well it clearly is and this stage you’re merely making excuses for her. You’d be better served at deflecting to similar Torries, who I could happily get in on chastising.


Sorry mate, but a journalist isn’t a policeman with advise. The guy was there for what? - a midnight quote?

Also she isn’t money grabbing. She’s living in her family home legally. She hired her son to role he presumably already did for her throughout her short career.

The only thing she’s really done wrong is to threaten someone who probably deserved it. And for that she’s resigned from cabinet.


The stalking aspect came from Osamor herself, can’t say I believe her narrative as she’s been trying avoid valid scrutiny and lying for weeks.

Not sure how you can say a journalist deserves that treatment either, for basically doing their job.

You would not be adopting the same tone if a Tory MP was going through identical circumstances. It’s always but odd, but not very surprising when people rationalise the poor actions for their side, it’s typical hypocrisy. We have to demand better standards in all our elected officials.


Yeah I get how you might think I’m being a hypocrite. All I can say is I don’t think I’d overly care if it was a Tory. I don’t think a journalist has any business on someone’s door late at night unless it was some really important story which this clearly wasn’t. If it transpires it occurred on a street in broad daylight I’ll change my tune. I certainly don’t care less about any other aspect of the story. Kid did drugs and mum covered for the twat.


She shouldn’t have done what she did.

But I’ll have no moralising from any tabloid hacks or Tories over the drug offences her son commited, especially when half of them will probably be writing/saying those very condemnations while high as kites.

So I’m glad to see that so far I haven’t seen much.

If she was getting harassed daily for a long while, I can understand she may have snapped and you can’t do that, but if she was also proven to have lied about her son’s convictions then she’s in the wrong there


Does this sound okay to you? Assaulting and threatening someone who deserved it, for knocking on a door, really? And where’s the evidence he was there at midnight, which would be out of line.

And Sevcheko raises a fair point that Osamor has been lying throughout this case, so why are we believing anything she has to say now?


Journalists asking questions of and reporting on an MPs behaviour and lies is not harassment. It’s the whole job remit and she needs to be in a different job if she can’t handle that.


Assaulting no. She threw water on him. That’s akin to having and gin and tonic thrown in your face. It’s an annoyance. Threatened yes. But threatened by a distraught women presumably from an upstairs window or something. I doubt the journalist took it seriously or he wouldn’t have still been there for the water.

What time it was I don’t know. Late at night is what everyone is repeating. I haven’t heard the Times dispute it. Maybe they will.

Clearly defending her son. I’m not going to get all hot and bothered by a young man doing some drugs and his mum pretending she didn’t know.


It still amounts to abusive and threatening behaviour that she was a complete idiot for engaging.

She’s defending and employing a convicted drug dealer and lying to the public about it. That’s why she completely lost it because she knew she was in the wrong, even if you still support her.

And lol @ ‘distraught woman’


I’m done with Corbyn, the old.bottlejob


Corbyn knows there is nothing to negotiate. The deal on the table is as good as it gets.


Personally I’d like Labour to get in after the Tories have fucked Brexit. Getting into power now is a poisoned chalice.


No way a vote of no confidence passes while shes still technically negotiating. It’ll just be “I’ll see what she comes back with and then decide” like before.

She won’t get a majority for any deal from her own side because too many of them don’t want any kind of deal and I can’t see what she can do to turn enough opposition MPs.




Yep she can do nothing. All she will do now is hang on for dear life and wait for the no deal and say it wasn’t her fault. It’s all they can do to keep Labour out of office.