The Betting Thread


Won 20 quid by betting on us to win 2-1 while we were one up.

I know my team :smile:





100/1 was surely worth a fiver!


One down, 2 to go :smiley:


Cardiff are 18/1 to beat Man City, and they are the longest I’ve seen for any club playing at home in the PL.


You can get 22/1 with Bet365 and Coral



The priceboost can get fucked every weekend I put it on it doesn’t come in and when I don’t put it on it comes in :joy:


Not gonna lie, I’ve had a lot of success with it. Probably only this season, but I’ve won off it about four or five times, lost once.


Don’t get me wrong I’ve won it a lot of times aswell. Just having bad luck with it this season hah


That was quick :joy:

3-2 LOOL this is so much sweeter now. :joy:


Hang on, did you some get paid out early, even though Newcastle eventually lost?!


Yeah, these shmugs at bet365 pay out on the EPL once the team you backed goes 2 goals up. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

They have paid out early on some of my bets before but I didn’t really enjoy it in the end because the team i backed won anyway. At last it finally happened that the team I backed lost, hahaha :smiling_imp:


Fucking hell that’s incredible :joy: Enjoy your impressive winnings mate!!


Did you just win 1K?!


Amazing. 1000 lev?




Done a crappy Arsenal and Chelsea double. Let’s see who fucks it up.


Liverpool cost me £40 the fucking cunts! I hate them so much :joy::joy::joy:


Backed VVD first goal at 33/1