The Betting Thread


Pretty bloody close there mate




Knew 7/1 was too good to miss out on


Flipped it


Had a good 1st of January.

Leicester I cashed out early, but still nice extra.


St Ettiene you cunts how did you lose 6-3 at home to Dijon :thinking:?! Hearts losing to bottom of the league Dundee also done me out of my 5 teamer. Got 3/5 when I thought this was a lock in for £20 haha


Huddersfield, united win and Newcastle draw 5 quid treble tonight. No shitting out in game tonight either.:grinning:


Had money on under 2.5 goals in our match and a draw between United and Burnley. Of course we had to let in a goal in the last minute of stoppage time.





Wolves been making me some money lately.

They were 1-2 down when I placed the bet (hence quite nice odds), but there was no doubt in my mind they would advance over Shrewsbury.


Good times Arse

Thanks Scum

Guess gonna take a break from betting, running a good streak


Pocket money but was all that was left in my account and I cba’d withdrawing more

Arsenal finding more ways to let me down. I thought there would be more than 1 goal in our game ffs :santi:


At least weed boy won something, right? He always bets against us :xhaka: @JakeyBoy


Even I didnt bet on our opponents this time.


You should have :arteta: