The Betting Thread


Well we’re definitely gonna need one of these threads eh lads?

I’ll get the ball rolling with this ludicrous 5 quid free bet

Real Madrid
Barca -3
PSG -2
Scum up the road clean sheet
Zlatan anytime
Vardy anytime



how much did you get for this one?




I won £60 on Theo first goal at the weekend and another £22 for a goal between 45-54th minute

Would have preferred to have lost that second bet with hindsight


Betfair doing double odds on anytime goalscorer bets this August, so threw a tenner on Zlatan at 1.9

So one more goal would be nice


I’ve got ibrahimovic and Shane long to score at 19/2 or something like that, fingers crossed


Ta Zlatan


It takes a very brave man to bet on Theo first goal. Fair play to you sir.


I suspect @LukeTheGooner will be keeping an keen eye on this thread. Jake and MM seem to be able to call it like Pros.


Tbf any moron could call Zlatan any time :smile:


[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:10, topic:552”]
Tbf any moron could call Zlatan any time :smile:
[/quote]True :slight_smile: I just mean your general record with betting seems to be really good.


Using the free bet that I got when Zlatan scored his second and they doubled the odds

Wouldn’t have bet this much with real cash but I’m a bit more reckless with the free bets (as you can see in post no.1 lol) that need to be used quickly and all in one go


Put fifteen quid on the draw at 3.6 after the first three results of my quad came in, just to cover all disappointing bases today.

Now whacked that fifty quid profit on June to beat Fiorientina. 1.5 odds, so just a way to flip that money up a bit.


Anyone else got anything on this weekend? @Midfield_Maestro @LukeTheGooner @Kaner ?


I put £2 on Arsenal to beat Watford and both teams to score and also the same bet for Charlton who are paying Bolton, £30 something if I win


Nice JB.

Ive got this for the week. May do another tomorrow.


You doing anything for the Belgian GP this weekend @Midfield_Maestro ?


Thanks for the reminder Mysty!


Burton To Beat Derby tonight, Generally 5/2
You can thank me later.


Gone for this!