The Betting Thread


Didnt even know that. Wow!


I love the 2 goal up offer on the Premier League. Don’t have to worry about United’s inevitable comeback now :grin:


Gutted I only put a quid on it. Still, though, £125 – not too shabby.


Sorry, what was this offer?! Cos it looks like you got 80 odd to 1 on Brighton to win lol


What a bet haha. Congrats. What made you put that on?!


Lol dunno really, just picked it out of a hat basically. Just had a couple of quid left in my Skybet account so I looked through the request a bets and that one stood out. Stuck the other quid on Brighton to win 3-2 at 66/1.


83 is the stake Jake, the odds is 5/1. The offer is that they pay you out once the team you have backed goals 2 up, so even if United win now (which seems unlikely now) I don’t care.


Yeah, realised I’ve been fucking stupid there :joy:


Lol @Phoebica very lucky there :wink:


Haha can’t believe both of those bets came in!


Much you get for that one?


Can you please provide lottery numbers and stuff like that


£66. So made nearly £200 from £2. Making money off United’s misery :sunglasses:


Scenes after Jade and @Gladiator collects their winnings :grin:


@Phoebica this guy is having a better Sunday night than you haha


I’m actually glad to see someone actually win one of those stupid requestabets. Makes me think I might not be a complete fucking moron for all the times I’ve taken a out on one. Lol


Done a 7 fold bet on bankers across the main 4 leagues, 4.29 odds.

Also done Sterling to score, City to win and over 2.5 at 3.25 odds. Means I’ll watch the game with a bit more interest at least.


Feels good to win money betting on Arsenal for once :blush:


Raking it in this weekend

Yedlin :heart_eyes:


Fucking saw that coming but didn’t quite get there in time FFS