The Betting Thread


Lol it’s really not worth a punt.

Next time, could you just mail me the money you’re throwing down the drain? I’ll make sure it goes to a worthy cause :grin:


You’ll just waste it on another photo frame to put one of your pictures of Giroud in.
I’ll spend my winnings on the Sanchez home shirt and Welbeck away shirt I ordered a while ago :grinning:


Can rely on Arsenal to fuck up a rainy away day.


Fuck Real Madrid the cunts. Last minute winner sweet as fuck and totally deserved.




Taken from Reddit… unlucky :joy:


Was going to back Lukaku 2-0 scorecast too but I napped for too long. That would have probably made it the best afternoons gambling I’ve ever had haha


Forgot I done the Priceboost on Friday :sunglasses:


The two teams I never bet on. Us purely because we could easily lose to Stoke and Atletico because if they don’t get their 1 goal then it’s gonna end 0-0. Im gonna let it run, dont let me down cunts.





Cause it was my first game I spread £10 on 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0 so I could have got something back :joy:

Got £27 for the 3-0 so not bad


I’ll take that


Get in!


Won over £100 on an each way bet on Tony Finau in the Masters. Got odds of 100/1 on him.

Didn’t know much about him, but the day before the Masters started, when I saw him dislocate his ankle and casually pop it back in, I knew he was a keeper :smile:




What happens to anyone who bet on Eriksen or Kane to score in the game where the decision was changed?


I know Skybet have paid out on both Kane and Eriksen. And William Hill have said they’re not paying out on Kane. Don’t know about the rest.

Fantasy Football have said they’re not giving Kane the points either.


I’m glad about that.
It was Eriksen’s points that got me top of the league :grinning:

It’s interesting that some bookies haven’t paid out and some have because I would imagine Kane would be in a lot of peoples accumulaters, as well as normal bets.
I think they might change their minds and pay out, otherwise the adverse publicity might go against them.


Who are you all backing in the National?

I’m defo getting on this one :muscle: