The Betting Thread


I know that as a fan you are supposed to be behind the team and root for them to win, but right now I hate we didn’t lose yesterday. :joy:


Sassulo and Espanyol were great shouts


It’s not often I rate someone highly for a losing bet. What returns would you have got off that tenner?!


I prefer not to think about that. :relaxed:


Could be an easy £120 win if you bet the maximum bet of £15. :+1: I’ve done it so here’s hoping it comes in


Won 68 quid off that mouth breathing cunt Kane today, now just waiting on the 8 quid I stuck on this Cal


I won roughly the same. Stuck 30 on a hatrick 5 mins before the fly catcher bagged it.


I had a tenner on the brace, and then two quid on rhe hattrick. It was written


Bagged over a hundred from Burnley’s second goal. In the words of Patrice Evra, I love this game.


Well who would have thought Burnley would be leading 0-2 away to OT. Fucking hell :joy:


Mourinhos sadness is worth more to me. His third season flounce is coming earlier than planned I reckon


Get in you shlaag


@JakeyBoy @Midfield_Maestro you seen this?

Max bet is £10 so you’ll either win £50 or get your tenner back! Offer expires in 16 hours tho


Fuck off your last tip was pure bullshit


Cashed it at 160 :slight_smile:


Skybet on Instagram asked you to pick three different shirts so I picked them and got these odds at the end of it. Not to bad and worth a fiver imo


Lacazette :rofl:


That’s why only done £5 haha :joy:


To be fair, it’s worth a bet. Lacazette is due a goal. He isn’t Morata!


I’ve just bet Auba, Mikhi and Malcom all to stay at their clubs at 33/1.
I think one might move but it’s worth a punt.