The Betting Thread


Can you not shit on my dreams please?


I cannot


One bet for me tonight


Double @ 2.18

I’m tempted to have a little dabble on Bakambu anytime aswell @ 2.37 but I’m not sure yet. He’s scored 7 of Villarreal’s last 8 league goals and 5 in 3 under their new manager Javier Calleja.

Edit - Abit late now but I took a put on

Zulte-Waregem Vitesse Over 2.5
Nice Lazio Over 2.5

@ 3.24 aswell (Cashed out @ 1.80 )

I’m happy I didn’t back Bakambu, he’s starting on the bench for the Yellow Subs.


Just seen Burnley are 20/1 to beat Man City.
I can’t remember seeing odds that long on a PL game.
Saying that, I’m not tempted by them.


Real Madrid are 5/1 to win the CL and spurs are 18/1.
That can’t be right surely.
Even Man U are 11/1 which seems pretty generous.


The CL doesn’t get competitive until March.

A game played on the 1st of November doesn’t define how competitive you’ll be in March, and the group stage where it looks like both teams will go through anyway is no indicator of performance in a two legged knock out.

Spurs are bottlers, and they’ll always be bottlers until they’re not bottlers. Real on the other hand have won 3 of the last 4 CLs.

I’m pretty sure last year in November people were saying they didn’t fancy them too.

Those odds all look about right to me.


I just wish were in a position to even be considered bottlers.


Both teams to get a corner in both halves.

Won after 48 minutes :sunglasses:


2/3 not too bad!


My bet for the weekend.



You jinxed it by posting lol


Haha it’s a total punt, I don’t care.
And the game’s not over. :smiley:


Anyone any good at this? Could use some extra cash for Christmas :wink:


Could have won £300 on both teams to score. Did 8 matches. 7 came in. Look what let me down. Bloody Scottish. I blame @Calum




West Ham are 22/1 to win and 9/1 to draw with Man City.
I can’t remember seeing odds as long as that in a PL game.

Next week Man U are 5/2 at home against Man City.
I haven’t seen those sort of odds for them at home or any team managed by Mourinho at home before.




@giner come at me bro


The odds are just way too high at a point where City’s winning run is bound to end someday. Probably won’t happen today but if it did, it would eat me if I didn’t back it at this price. :slight_smile:



The odds on Man U beating Leicester are around 5/6, yet spurs are 4/7, and are playing a team above them.