The Betting Thread



Picked 5 random horses. Fiver each. Fuck it.


@Calum I remember the days of your £1 bets :smile:


:joy: I always bet big on the national! but yeah haha


Not that there’s anything wrong with a cheeky £1 bet I should add, I’ve got small bets on


Yeah agreed! Still bet £1 and £2 pound bets aswell lol


Warrior’s Tale sounds the coolest, tenner each way on that son of a gun


I think it’s great that once a year bookies get the chance to make a killing off of this sort of logic :joy:

My mum always bets on ones like “Bob’s Bitch” because she had an uncle called Bob.


Pls no more goals




Nearly there!


This one is currently looking good at 90/1 too


Liverpool won’t come in. Good bet the other one, well done!


Oh dear




Their first shot on target too, unlucky mate :persevere:


Just need a score draw


£60 off Tiger Roll there to soften the blow :slightly_smiling_face:


I had £10 on Pleasant Company… so close!

Did it each way at 33-1though, so that’s something at least :grinning:


My horses missed but cashed out two accys early for 50 profit to make up for it :slight_smile: