The Betting Thread


Modest, but not to be sniffed at


Tryna flip that cash


No win should be sniffed at!


my OH has the same bet. You cold, calculating ruthless people, betting against the Arsenal! :sunglasses:


I’d hesitate to call this a tip, but I think this looks like a good shout at odds of just over 10


My opinion is that WBA are going to fail you. I think WHU will win.


I feel like West Brom’s 7 points from 4 games so far is a decent return and West Ham are very inconsistent, so that’s why I fancy a home win here as a bit of a bounce back from their defeat last time out.

That’s the beauty of football/gambling, there are nearly always legit justifications for thinking something will go a certain way.

Share a hot tip with us mate so I can invest in your wisdom :slight_smile:


I’ve got Kolasinac on my bench for the game against Chelsea on my fantasy team :sunglasses:


That’s absolutely right. :smiley:
I just felt this game was the weak link in your triple combo as the other 2 seem spot on to me.
But on a second glance, your chances seem more than fair. I don’t really hold too strong an opinion on this particular game one way or the other.

You are taking the piss now aren’t you :smiley:
If Bournemouth don’t beat Brighton tonight, I would put my money on Palace to beat Southampton.


I mean, I don’t see many of your losers, but you seem to quite often post some really top notch wins!

Really wasn’t taking the piss though I can see how it might read that way haha


That’s because I bet on high odds.
This weekend I will probably be making a bet with equal stakes on Liverpool and City to draw in their games, either bet is of odds 6.00 or higher and I expect one of them to cash in.


6 Fold

Napoli -2
Austria Vienna

@ 24.49

Edit - Yessssssss Amadou Haidara 94th minute winner for Salzburg, great little volley from the edge of the box too, come on.

Edit 2 - Cashed out @ 14/1 :sunglasses: probably gonna end up regretting it but I don’t trust Vienna even tho they are versing the worst team in the league.

Vienna won 5-1 vs 9 man St Poulten :smile: :see_no_evil:


On a nice little run atm so I’m gonna try my luck on probably the most random bet I’ll make all season, small stakes (£10) 4 fold based purely on statistics.

FC Schaffhausen
Orebro SK

@ 5.50

Noo Orebrooo just conceded 2 goals in the last 10 minutes to lose 3-2 lol.




Done an acca last night. Done a 10 fold and Althletic Bilbao let me down :frowning:


My last 5 accies have been off by one game. Sucks.


Enable in The Arc yesterday = easy money

Got on at evens and although only had £10 on it was never in doubt


Safe to say I saw that one coming.

Useless cunts :rofl:


Nailed on :wink:


Besiktas are decent and Porto won 3-0 away last time out