The Betting Thread


Had a tenner on United to be 2 up at anytime at 2.0

Decent start to the day


Ive only done two accys today. One of them a mad 12 fold. Let you know if it comes in lol


Should have known better than to bet on Burnely v West Brom to provide ovr 1.5 goals. Going to kill my 14 fold ffs

Edit - Or maybe not!


Did two accys for a fiver each that didnt come in as usual.

Got another scorer right though so still up


I had a couple quid on Jese first scorer too haha

Also had money on Chelsea to beat Spurs, odds of 3.9 for them to win was just ludicrous


Metz to beat Caen @ 5.25, starting just now.


0-0 half time good luck man, any research behind it or you just taking a punt ?

I was tempted to back Stirling Albion earlier at similiar odds (@ 5.50) to beat Peterhead

They were 4-1 up by half time :facepalm: (finished 4-2) I bottled it like a tit lol


Won on the f1 today :v:


Just to make tonight’s result easier to swallow.


I did the same. 50 on liverpool (used the winnings from F1 bet). Cashed out at 99.

I have no remorse when it comes to betting against us.


It’s basically free money


Betting against us is the only smart thing to do. We are a shambles.

I never bet on us winning, because we are simply too unreliable.


Useless bunch of cunts


Done this prior to Pool game for a laugh

Odds have been slightly reduced from 34 to 27 already lol


As it stands and by the looks of our players not giving a feck and our manager not capable of changing anything I’d say you have got a good shot at winning that cash.


After three games we are around the same odds to be PL champions as we are finishing in the bottom half.

Also, in our next match against Bournemouth, they are 8/1 to win and 4/1 the draw.


So, so tempted not to cash this out and see it through.



:frowning: cashed it out and Hoffenheim scored :frowning:


How much did you get?!



Fucking livid with myself right now