The AFC Bell

Speculation has run wild over who might be behind The AFC Bell account — especially when they appeared to willingly abdicate their ITK crown at the end of the January transfer window. There weren’t many clues: their location was listed as “Jerusalem, Palestine”, and despite some factual inaccuracies there did appear to be a link to the Partey camp.

Contacted by The Athletic, The AFC Bell did not want to reveal their identities. However, they explained the account was the brainchild of Abdullah, who was previously responsible for the @MrArsenicTM account — a “one-stop shop for Arsenal news”. He was supported by a team of five people from different countries: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq and Oman — Jerusalem, they admit, is merely a “spiritual and emotional” base. Originally their goal was to provide a curated experience for Arsenal fans in Arab nations, compiling match reports and news from elsewhere. They also conducted interviews with journalists and Arsenal personalities, such as the club chef and groundsman.

After a hiatus of around a year, the account returned in 2020 with a new goal: to report their own, exclusive news. The Bell’s motivation was to break new cultural ground. “Before the phenomenon of The Arsenal Bell, there was no Arab journalist living in an Arab country devoted entirely to covering the news of a European club based on its own sources or its relations with people close to the club. Since October 5 2020, there has been a viral effect of spread in various Arab countries across various platforms, which saw The Arsenal Bell experience as an inspiration.”

Those behind the account have other academic and professional pursuits — none of them are journalists by trade. “It is a hobby that appealed to us and that we were very passionate about,” they explain.

Nevertheless, their ability to build contacts showed good journalistic initiative. Clearly, there was a connection between The Bell and Partey’s camp. “We are not bound by a womb or blood-bond, of course, but there is close friendship with some family members,” The Bell explains. “We strengthened the bonds of friendship nearly a year before the deal happened, and we owe all our success and all that we have become to the cooperation of some sincere friends, as well as two other contributing sources.”

So why has the account hastily ceased updates? “The decision to permanently suspend news activities is not linked to a lawsuit filed by Arsenal Football Club or to the loss of our source inside or outside the club, as some rumours say on Twitter!,” they say. “It’s just that we wanted to focus on an important stage in our personal lives at the moment.”

The AFC Bell sounds, for now, its final note: “We hope that we have left a good memory in the hearts of our followers.”


Sad they’ve disbanded. Wonder if there is a legal case against them or if they were threatened

A thread for a twitter itk. FML.

Couldnt give a fuck who these cunts are and why they do or don’t post.


The bell done more for arsenal than some of the actual players in this section.

Respect the glorious bell


The absolute fuck they have :joy:

Was really looking forward for the Grealish and Buendia files in the summer.


That twitter account had way more knowledge of our dealings than any journalist. I can only think they’re even season ticket holders with a box who personally chat with Edu etc or sponsors. Maybe both

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Possibly close to the Kroenkes?

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Anwar that link is bullshit

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For fucks sake Anwar you spamming bastard. Get the hell out of here.


We’ve a bellend in charge


Praise be to us all. The Glorious Bell has returned :raised_hands:

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Still can’t believe the mods allowed a thread for a fecking bell!

More annoyingly though, every time I see his name I get that stupid song in my head, “ You can ring my bell, ring my bell…”


They do allow a thread for models and hipsters though :man_shrugging: So why not?

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I clicked on that then, hoping to see some fit models. But alas.

Blood sisters ‘Ring my Bell’ is a timeless classic anyone that dislikes that and pineapple and cheese, definitely gotta be a psycho!

We need a Bell at the Emirates. Legend.
Can’t wait for the File “Greenlish” this summer.


AFC Bell is back!

We could be a stop gap club ala Borussia Dortmund.

Arsenal fan?

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Won’t solve a fucking thing.

Another £50m thrown into a black hole.

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