Héctor Bellerin (2)


Full name: Héctor Bellerín Moruno

Date of birth March 19, 1995
Place of birth Barcelona, Spain
Height 1.77 m
Playing position Right back


This can’t happen. Can it?




Just read the MD article, typical speculative shit, no quotes or sources.


On Bluemoon they seem to think we’re doing a swap with them, for Joe Hart of all fucking people lmao.


Signed a contract last sumner. Its a non issue


It’s obviously a load of shit, but we should accept that Bellerin is a massive talent and he’ll eventually have his head turned if he’s not achieving what he wants to here. I still think there’s a while before this should be a concern though.


Because we don’t have history of selling our good players to our “rivals”. All he has to do is throw a little fit and Wenger would ship him off for peanuts.


So you do believe to a fake rumour about Bellerin leaving, but it’s not the same if we are linked with a player? To me, both are fake.


City do love an Arsenal player. Too early in Hector’s career though to move on from us.


He can go there when it’s time to retire.


He is the man.


No way he will leave us so soon


Like I said, we have a solid history of doing one thing: Selling, especially to Man City. If we had a history of being good at buying players I wouldn’t call bullcrap so fast on those rumors.




I am pretty sure to say, if we don’t win the league title in a year or two, and when Pep or Barcelona and Real come to lure him, he will leave for sure.


Listened to a documentary on TalkShite the other night that had him, Arteta and Mendieta on it. All about their experience of playing in a foreign country and settling down, focusing on all the stuff you don’t normally here about like stuff with their families, learning the language, getting to grips with culture etc.

I think Bellerin’s just about my favourite Arsenal player :o NGL as the yoof say

A quality product with the Farca DNA, but honed at Arsenal, and someone who doesn’t actually want to fuck off back to Spain for once.


Yes Hèctor! :joy:


[quote=“Calum, post:18, topic:93”]
Yes Hèctor! :joy:
[/quote]Bet it was sent in by that Robin van Magic guy :gunnersaurus: