The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Well, we deserved it.


Incredible performance from Sweden!!

Lol Italy revenge for 2007 finally!



Joint most appearances (18) with Germany for appearances at WC. Germany about to go forward with 19.

Congrats Swedish OAers! :slight_smile:


You were clearly the better team tonight in every aspect of the game.


Pathetic scottish cunt. We are still a bigger team than you, sad cunt.


Fantastic achievement by Sweden. Not only against Italy. But against Holland and France as well. Really well done and good luck in Russia. You Guys deserve it


It’s crazy that in a game they had to win, Insigne spent the full 90 minutes on the bench.

Is it this Ventura who is actually in charge?



Gigi in tears :frowning:
Gigi has announced he is retiring.


Fuck international football

Gonna be weird as hell having a world cup without the Azzurri.




I hate Sweden.

Always an outsider, a “dark horse”, then they’re always boring as fuck in a tournament. And not the good kind of boring as fuck like someone like Northern Ireland could be, just general boring as fuck.


Think that’s a European record. Pretty sure Brazil have been at them all.


Defo getting 48 teams now. World cup without Dutch and Italy makes for a shit world cup sticker album.


Yep, @shamrockgooner you’re correct. Maybe the commentator said the European part, I can’t quite remember. :slight_smile:



Ironic that in the year where Serie A is undergoing a renaissance Italy fail to make the World Cup.

Shame for Gigi that he goes out like this, would have been interesting to see what Italy could do with players in such hot form.

The coach is pants though, Jorginho only got his first start today. Absolute shambles.


I see sopranos I give a like.


No itsly no chile what’s point


Zweden. Ah let’s make it about Zlatan :roll_eyes: When will he announce that he is coming out of international retirement?


De Rossi angry when coach told him to warm up “We need to win why the fuck doesn’t he (Ventura) put on a striker?”