The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Florenzi so close!
Darmian is just crap.
Belotti and El Shaarawy on.
FUCK CIRO! :frowning:
We hit the bar FFS!


you are pummeling us :sob: pls stawp


Damn this must be agonising for you Luca. Good luck. Sweden look a solid bunch.


Painful mate.


And good luck @oompa @ljungbergkamp of course.


Bernardeschi on. No Insigne. I give up.


Does Ventura hate Insigne?


Ventura has lost his mind.


How can you not play Insigne in this match?!



I turned the game on 15 minuten ago and kept looking for Insigne on the pitch, only to find out not only is he on the bench, he wonโ€™t even come onโ€ฆ :weary:


Running out of time.


Come on Sweden!! :sweden:

Revenge for 2007 :sunglasses:


@Persona, you are right to hate jocks :xhaka:


I echo the Jock on this occasion. Forza Svezia! :wink:


FUCK OFF! Bloody english! Iceland is my country! :mustafi:


we need some 300 the movie level of hooooold here


Donโ€™t worry. Iโ€™m cursed, Italy about to score 2 in 2mins. :wink:


5 minutes added on.


Damn. A WC without Italy donโ€™t feel right.