The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


Let me get this straight, in 9 matches of World Cup playoffs so far , 6 have ended 0-0 :rofl:


This result made me really fuck up a date as well. Like completely


Lol i’m starting to think that dating is really not your thing :laughing:


Believe me it ain’t!!! But football is before anything so it’s hard to focus ain’t it


Not a good and pleasant final game for Buffon.


Completely lost the dressing room. The players were clearly against him.


Ancelotti, Mancini and Allegri to replace Ventura. Would prefer a younger manager like Simone Inzaghi.


I had you down as a man of your word.



Have Wenger. We don’t want him :wink:


It’s written in the stars


Buffon is pure class. Applauding during the Swedish national anthem when Italian fans embarrass themselves. Just like he did against Germany. He will be missed when he hangs up his gloves.


Typical Italian pasta boys, always booing something :xhaka:


I do apologize as italian. That was a real shame. Classy from Gigi.


I would sacrifice England for Arsenal.



I’d take Wenger at the USMNT.


Wondering how many players on the USMNT that Wenger would know.


Ha, me too. Remember when Woy left, Wenger was the FA’s No1 target. MAKE IT HAPPEN GREG!


Wenger would do well as England or France manager as he loves playing those players anyways even if they are shit


Sorry @Cristo, but i support Ireland today. Northern teams have broken my balls :mustafi:


Pulisic and Yedlin is probably the list.