The 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification


So Messi is back with a bang, while Alexis lost.


Christian Pulisic with a brace for the USMNT in their 6-0 win over St Vincent & The Grenadines.


Haha that pic is hilarious it really is.


Costa Rica midfielder Azofeifa with a fantastic goal. Insane hit.


Sounds like some terrible alt rock band band from the 80’s


:ozil2: and Mustafi to play today in Norway at 19:45 :slight_smile:


England 0-0 HT against Slovakia. Guess it has been a dull game :coq:. Poland leading 2-0 against Kazakistan thanks to Kapustka and Lewandowski. Denmark leading as well. Eriksen scored. Azerbaijan and Lithuania also win.
Good start in this second half by England. They look more aggressive.
Basically, it’s the same game it was in France: England try to dictate the game, while Slovakia just defends.
Wow! What a comeback by Kazakistan! 2-2! Slovenia pulls one back.
First Lallana hits the post, then he had a shot well-saved by the keeper.
It’s basically Lallana vs. Slovakia.
:theo: missed it, even if he was offside.
Why did they complain? It was quite a clear offside. Meanwhile, Slovenia equalizes!
Can’t fucking believe it, lol! The best player on the field scores.
Poland and Slovenia equalize, while Azerbaijan and Denmark win.





YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!! LALLANA!!! 1-0 right at the death! :smiley:


Fergie England time.



We were building pressure for the last 20 minutes, and finally it paid off!!


England being England :wink:


Germany has started strongly, as Howedes has already come close to score. And now they score a fluke with Muller. Ozil built the action. 1-0 Scotland as well.
Malta equalizes, lol!
That was a massive chance for King. He could have waited to shoot.
Mesut is running the show though. He is involved in every action.
Mesut :giroud2:
2-0 Kimmich. No problem for Germany.
Martin puts Scotland up again. And 3-0 Muller. Kimmich has been fucking good tonight.
Snodgrass again. Maybe the game is over now.


At least England are on a good streak in qualification matches.


Snodgrass’s hattrick and Fletcher for Scotland. 5-1 FT. Quite a surprise the 1-1 between Romania and Montenegro. Germany wins, while Czech Republic and Northern Ireland equalize.


I don’t understand why the pundits think Walcott’s was a goal? Even if it hadn’t touched Sturridge, I thought that rule was in place for backpasses and misplaced passes, not for tackles that happen to end up falling at an offside forwards feet?


Has to be a controlled pass, which it didn’t seem to be.


We beat Malta 5-1 while you lot struggle to beat Slovakia. We’re winning this group lads. :wink:


This guy is down on the floor…Choking to death. Or is he? :arteta: