Tammy Abraham

Fucking Jesus Christ lol

So we’re not getting him then.

Happy days

If you were to name the best 5 strikers in the Premier League, it would get ‘average’ quite quickly.

*proceeds to just name names


There’s one definitively world class player there.

Then do the same for the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga.


It’s been the case for ages now.
Apart from few South American strikers, I think the game is losing a bit of flair from striking & attacking midfield department.

Look at our ordeal post departure of Henry. Most strikers were big money signings poached by handful of clubs.

We have big side often playing players like Sterling, Fabregas, Mueller in false 9 position.
You can find a good winger out there, not a center forward.


I see Tammy as a younger faster and fitter version of Laca.

If we can sell both I’d be happy with this buy

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As far as top strikers go atm:

Aguero maybe? But we don’t know how badly his body is broken
Ibra still seems to be capable of scoring a lot as he showed at United in his mid 30s and as he’s showing now in his late 30s at Milan.

I mean who really comes next?

I think there is almost certainly a dearth of top striking talent atm. 7 of the players on the above list are also in their 30s.


Would you class Mbappe a world class striker?

I don’t quite view him as a striker yet. I know he’s had games there but don’t think he’s made the full transition yet.

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So when you said “good” strikers you meant top level and world class?

I consider a “good” striker someone above average in terms of ability putting up 13+ league goals consistently

True, There are good strikers in the game.

With Tammy Abraham you wil get at least Lacazette esque output with a potential of a higher ceiling.
If we gamble on someone who can improve to be a great player, I think that’s a 35m well spent.

I am all for this gamble.

Good list . I consider Robert lewandowski the the best striker on that list . That is mainly because I don’t consider Mbappe, Messi, CR7, Neymar as strikers for this convo.

Lacazette and Nketiah out for Abrahams is great business

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Yeah Auba, Tammy & Martinelli is a better set of striking options than Auba, Laca, Nketiah & Martinelli

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Sure, but he’s no better than Giroud was when he played for us.

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I’m not quite sure how we expect to break into the top 4 by paying a lot of money for a top4 fourth choice forward.

Even sits behind an ageing Oli G.

I think he’s quite a good player but for a team with mid table ambitions.

If we do buy we will just have to hope he develops to another level.


Auba and Abrhams is still better than just Giroud, though probably not by much depending where Auba’s head is.

I almost lost my mind until I re-read your post and saw “option”. Highly doubt he’ll turn into a 40m striker over the course of a single season especially considering he’d be backup to Auba.

I say put 15m down take it or leave it.

The striker position globally is in a weird transition.

Teams don’t seem to have a talismanic focal point upfront anymore and focus more on their wide forward attackers as being more the potent force instead.

Fullback’s play as wingers, center backs are tasked with having the skillsets to that of a defensive midfielder.

Tammy is decent, not sure he’s the right profile for an Arsenal side that seems want to cut back into the box via KT or Bellerin. As opposed to Arteta’s early outlook of crossing and hoping Lava/Auba/anyone gets their head on the end of it.

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Such absolute poverty. When you think of all the super talented strikers in medicre clubs during the 2000s… Tons of those guy would be 100M+ players nowadays.

Can’t even think how much would elite guys like R9, Henry, Sheva, Nistelrooy, Eto’o, Torres, Villa… (I could go on and on) cost these days.

Thousands of millions of dollars for sure…


We call those billions.