I know there’s some avid Talksport listeners on here so let’s get a thread for any musings. Like me, it probably pisses you off listening to some of the wind up merchants on there at times, but i can’t shake the habit.

Just heard Andy Goldstein hype premier league LEGEND Steve sidwell as coming up on the show. Setting the bar quite low there.

why would you (and others) would spend time on some low quality opinions??

I watch their YouTube clips so I don’t know whether they wind up on their regular shows.
I have not come across a deliberate attempt to wind Arsenal fans up.

I quite enjoy their shows especially with Darren Bent Goldstein duo, Simon & Danny Murphy are great together.

I was listening to them right now haha

Darren Bent and Goldstein is the best show on there currently. Love that Benty is a massive gooner and backs us so openly.

About time we had that ever since Wrighty left years ago (he did a show with Durham for a while iirc).

As much as I absolutely love Ray Parlour, he doesn’t hype Arsenal that much.

Jason Cundy is top value too. His old show with Goldstein was really good. Shame he now does the late show with Jamie O Hara who is just an irritating bellend.


Yeah I enjoy Cundy and his “where you at?” yelling mocks. O’Hara was enjoyable when Conte was fucking about.

I am glad there are few more Talksport viewers who enjoy the content. Personally I think it’s the best football opinion content out there with different personalities.

It also helps that Goldstein & Cundy have been pegged down because of how poor their respective team has been.

Only pundit I hope they rid of is Agbonlahor. He is stupid.

Never had the misfortune of listening to Adrian Durham on there?

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On Talksport youtube channel, he doesn’t seem to be promoted.
I hardly come across his videos and quick search shows that his last video on talksport youtube was last month.

Looks like Talksport is moving away from their previous reputation.

Adrian Durham sole purpose in that station is to be a WUM to arsenal fans. Pathetic little man.

Always found Tottenham/Chelsea fan Andy Jacobs one of the most painful to listen to when he talks about us. Comes across as proper bitter. His two club support is fucking weird as well, especially when its two clubs that traditionally have a major dislike for each other.

I cant’t stand Jacobs but worse than him is Durham, the biggest wind up on Talk Sport, when he had Yorkshire cricketer Gough as his sidekick, who was one of the least knowledgeable football pundits that Talk Sport have had.
He supported Barnsley as well as spurs and his anti Wenger comments were laughable.

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Proper dumb fuck.

Alan Brazil is still a dopey ring piece as well. He literally sounds like he hasn’t watched football in 30 years. His opinions are such generic trash.

@Mr_Nostalgia Let the Spurs pundits and fans have their moment in the sun. They’ll fall away and finish 10+ points behind us. The bitterness is because we’re actually good again. It means we’re a relevant threat. Think of it as a good thing.


I’ve actually heard this, too. As dim as footballers are meant to be, this guy takes the biscuit.

Jim White trying to tell Keown the panel is correct and we should just accept it. Wanker.

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O’Hara looks absolutely crushed and likes he’s making no effort to hide it.

Cundy looks like a bloke whose just been broken up with in a busy restaurant and is doing his best not to burst into tears and cause a scene.


Was a regular at Arsenal for Talksport, very sad.


Got it on in work, it’s fucking brilliant tonight for spurs fans :sob::sob:

Is O’Hara on?