Takuma Asano


Didn’t realise stuttgart were in the 2nd division lol


@Maverick79 still watching this guy? Thoughts?


Havent been watching him or following him, all i have seen s what everyone else has seen. He looks a good prospect though, i like his movement etc reminds me of aguero, probably has a lot to learn though.


If his return so far is 2 goals in the BuLi 2 then I’m not holding my breath


depends though, sometimes players play better in other teams…i dont even know how many times he has played, but in time we will know more


2 goals in 7 I think. Not setting the world alight but then not many players do at his age.

I kinda feel like he was nothing more than an opportunity for exposure in Japan, but there is every possibility he comes good.


some of his goals and movement you can tell there is a lot of talent in him, just got to release it…some players just start off slowly and then cant stop scoring. Some start off quick and drop off, there is definitely talent there though


His goal record so far certainly isn’t all that impressive but there are some mitigating factors - he just turned 22, he has never played club football at a level this high before, he has been adjusting to life in Germany, he has been playing on the wing not through the middle, and he rarely plays full matches so looking at goals/games is probably less useful than production per minute. He has 2 goals and 2 assists in 602 league minutes. This isn’t impressive but its not awful and two of those goals and one assist have come in the last three matches he has started. So maybe he will start providing more end product as he further settles into the side, league, and country over the rest of the year.





What on earth is he doing…trying to replicate a Sanogo celebration?


Wait till he start playing for us, then we will know


Every girl’s dream I’d imagine


Showing off his muscles, trying to gain some female and gay followers on his instagram account(he posted it on instagram i guess).


Our new striker next season


anyone got the goals?


found them


filmed with a potato though


Only four goals scored with Stuttgart, but has been on the pitch and into the XI every week. Probably isn’t a killer in front of the goal but is precious for the germans.



We should tell them to buy him or fuck off. At least Chelsea loans have a fucking purpose. We are shit at loaning out players.