Takuma Asano


the guy is 22 and scored 4 goals in the second division in Germany as his team went up as champions, just sell the guy rather then wasting another loan


for what we bought him for, and what we know about it sometimes taking over a season to settle, i’d keep him there.

But it really needs to be cutthroat after that. Perform or go.


Tbf it’s a work permit issue anyway so we couldn’t even take him to Arsenal if we wanted to rn.


How is he doing so far?


i guess silence aint so golden on this one…looks like he has all the ingredients but they are coming out not quite right. Its a shame because his movement his style of play looks fantastic but he doesnt seem to be putting them away as well as he should.


Not great despite getting decent amount minutes. Stuttgart aren’t very productive either



according to wiki 5 goals in 45 games (2 seasons) not particularly impressive for a striker, will most likely get sold or released in the summer


I don’t know why the team spent so much resources and attention to these kind of players, and make them the first signing of season a lot of times…

We are not going to sell them high and get a huge amount of profit in return.

Park (United legend, not our Park that only last a short period of time) was a rare breed… Kagawa wasn’t quite successful… Asian players just have a hard time to play in the physical EPL.


the guy from Leicester is pretty good, can’t remember his name though






The Spurs bloke goes ok


Those are few and far between.



Both Okazaki and Son are supporting casts…
I may sound cruel, but their teams won’t hurt a bit if losing them. Of course they are better than Ryo or Asano, but still, not core players.

With or without Elneny as our CM, won’t make a big difference (of course it does, when most of your players got injured)
Without Sanit as our CM, it hurts us a lot.


for me Okazaki and Son are both really important for Leicester and Spurs, both players one of their best


Oh I’m half sleep and didn’t realise it was about Asian players


oh well go to bed then :slight_smile: reply in the morning


There wasn’t much spent on him. Given the dearth of world class forwards out there, not too mention that Arsenal won’t spend what it takes to get one (assuming that the player could be convinced to come to Arsenal), Arsenal should be taking punts on young unknown forwards to see if one or two pan out.


Agree to disagree

Agree to disagree


Fair enough, but if Arsenal aren’t going to/capable of signing a world class forward, how would you suggest they get one?

I think that signing younger players (that are cheap) is ok to take a punt on (regardless of nationality).

I don’t think that Arsene is capable of getting a young player that shows good stats for a year or two and developing them further anymore (sadly).