Takuma Asano


He scored a Ramsey special at the Olympics lol, our savior this season :ramsey:


people are taking the piss out of this guy because he is cheap and unknown but he actually looks a pretty damn good striker. He has pace he is quite clinical is strong on the ball, he reminds me a bit of Aguero, but of course because I say this people will laugh…but Aguero wasn’t a big name either to start with, Neither was Griezmann etc…this guy looks quite promising IMHO.


For the price, this guy is absolutely worth a punt. If works out, awesome–if he doesn’t, it was a low cost gamble.

Obviously, most fans aren’t going to get overly excited about a project at this point when the finished article has been needed going on 5 years now.


Yeah the issue isn’t the Takano’s of the world, it is the deals we don’t do…


I don’t want anymore Sanogo situation happening at the club.
Play some good youth games, come in a cheap price, then Wenger will try to prove his point and play him in an amount of games.
It is not about how much he worth, it is about he takes a spot and we are not going to pay full attention and try full effort to get a good striker that could contribute the team SIGNIFICANTLY immediately.


Aguero came to Europe with a good reputation. Atleti payed like 23 million euros to get him back then. A big sum.


has he got a work permit so he can play or his he going to be loaned out


With Giroud out, and our injuries, he will probably start upfront against Liverpool before he goes out on loan.


can he even do that? I didn’t think he had a work permit as yet, or am I wrong?


He doesn’t have a work permit.


Yes, he doesn’t have a work permit because of his status. He will leave the club on loan.




he gets put under the microscope because of our lack of activity in the transfer market. that and because he so small u need a microscope to see him properly .


If he works hard, he will get my vote of confidence.

We may be relying on him more than we think if we do not bring another striker in. Especially if Giroud picks up a knock.


I doubt it. Akpom or Iwobi will play.


He doesn’t have a work permit so he can’t. If Giroud goes down it will be Theo, Akpom, or Sanchez.




Scores every game this fella!


I actually like the looks of this guy, i reckon he could do well for us. I would not want to pin my hopes on him but as a reserve striker i think we could do a lot worse. He looks like he could be a really decent striker he is quite clinical and is a bit like Aguero the way can wriggle out of tight spots with the ball and somehow get around defenders.


Our Shinji Kagawa :wenger: